Episode 110 – Comics Watching Comics w/ Kevin Gootee

What’s going on everyone.

This week, the Somethings had the pleasure to hang out with Kevin Gootee, a stand-up who is doing something pretty original on Amazon Prime.

Every episode features one or two stand-ups doing a set while Kevin and his panel talk about what they did right and what they did wrong. From constructive criticism to out and out wrecking, for a fan of comedy, it is a unique take on the artform.

If you haven’t seen it, the new season is going to be appearing any minute now… but until then, catch up with Seasons 1 – 4 and then go follow Kevin Gootee (@KevinGootee) or go checkout the site at  Comics Watching Comics.

Last but not least – if you are a stand-up comic who wants to give it a shot.. first, go watch the show. Trust us, know what you are walking into.  Then, submit your information to comicswatchingcomics@gmail.com – you must have been a working comic for the last three years, but if you think you got it… you go get it!

And again, thanks Kevin for hanging.

Ok, here we go!

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