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Episode 8 – LOST

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Take a bunch of people and put them in a situation where mysteries abound and their lives will forever be changed. That’s right – we’re taking on Hatton’s favorite show, Lost.

Will we get to the bottom of who the smoke monster is? Will we figure out what happened to Claire’s behbey? Do we even know what a behbey is?

Joined with guest Madison, it is the longest, densest, and most confusing cast we’ve done to date.

Also – let us know what you think of our new theme song!

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Episode 6 – Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Life is like a hurricane.. here at.. the SomethingSomethingCast!

Put on your feetie jammyjams, get a bowl of Sugar Explosivo Puffs and join James & Rob while they talk about the cartoons that molded them into the two slack-jawed podcasters you know and love.

Get on the cartoon train and let us know what your favorite is!

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Episode 2 – Reboots & Remakes

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This time on the SSC (Look, we have an acronym!) – Rev James and Podcast Rob discuss movies that have been remade, rebooted, and re-enfranchised.  They give you their favorites, their most hated, and what they want to see come from Hollywood.


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