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Favorite Comic Issues


Somethings! If you’ve been listening for a long enough time, you are well aware that we have issues. Tons of them. Long boxes full of them. And when we get together and start talking, sometimes the best thing to do is just leave your issues on the table and talk them out.

So join us as we each pick some of our favorite issues of comics. Some because they are shining moments of our favorite characters, others because of the art, and even othersbecause they are the embodiment of the stories we like. So grab a stack of funnybooks and play along by listening to Our Favorite Comic Issues.

Ok, here we go! (Prismatic Foil Edition)

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[BLOG] Big Matt talks AI!

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Hey folks, Big Matt here,

My take on the current state of AI…

So everyone is worried about AI right now, right? With good reason, I would say, but at the same time, will it benefit us? This blog isn’t about that. This blog is about how it will end us all. Will AI and automation put people out of jobs? Sure. Will that be a bad thing? I’m not sure. Do I like being able to ask extremely silly questions about nonsensical scenarios and get serious, calculated answers from ChatGPT? I really do.

Do I love asking ChatGPT what would happen if Gandalf was dropped righht in the middle of the battle for Hogwarts in book 8? Hell yes I do. Have I asked how the ending to Fiddler on the Roof would have been different if Tevye had a “Predator movie style hand carried mini gun?” You’re god damn right I have. Have I asked what kind of bits would come from a meeting of Abbot & Costello and Sam Kinison? Hehe, oh yes, and there was a lot of screaming involved, but not from who you think.

And that extremely worthless type of questioning is why I love AI right now. Will it always be this useful yet fun? Probably not, so we should probably enjoy it while we can, before it enslaves us all.

– Big Matt

[ELEVATOR PITCH] Reinvent the Zombie

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The Somethings are in the elevator.. but this time, it’s creepy and it’s spooky.. altogether ookey. It does, in fact, yearn for our sweet sweet brain meats which is why this week’s Elevator Pitch challenge is to Reinvent the Zombie.

Now, who is our guest CEO with the big money zomb check?  Artist, creator, and long-time zombie enthusiast, Nick ‘Ghostfreehood’ DiFabbio. You may have seen Nick’s work on a multitude of webcomic projects, on the poster of your local indie show, at SuperArtFight, or at his homebase studio of CherryMothCake.com  where you can find posters, shirts, enamel pins, toys, and his card game Blade of the Badlands.

What will these new zombos want? Find out on Elevator Pitch: Reinvent the Zombie

Okay here we go….nads!

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[BLOG] My Time in the KISS Army – PCR

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Hey Somethings, PCR here!

Been chatting with a friend of mien across the pond recently as she’s been posting a lot of KISS content to her socials, and it brought me back to the heyday of my youth.

Two of the first vinyl albums I ever bought was KISS Alive : II and the Gene Simmons solo album.  I was a HUGE fan of the band… dressed as Gene for Halloween multiple times, hell, even got kicked out of Webster Hall one Halloween dressed as him (that’s.. a long and humorous story), so I wanted to take this time to touch on some of my favorite KISS songs…

Radioactive : Gene Simmons Solo Album

I will fully admit now, KISS is an.. interesting band.  Listed on Wikipedia as “Hard Rock”, “Heavy Metal”, “Shock Rock” and “Glam Rock”… I’m not really KISS can be pigeon-holed into a category.  They’ve gone into Soft Rock (See You Tonight : Gene’s solo album), Disco (I Was Made For Lovin’ You : Dynasty), even ProgRock (the entirety of Music from : The Elder).  Radioactive had Rock elements and, a surprising amount of piano on support for a “hard rock” band.  While a Gene solo album song, hearing it again for the first time in years brought me right back to ’78.

God of Thunder : Destroyer

When most people think of a KISS album, this is the one they think of (or Love Gun), and while this album is chock-a-block full of absolute bangers, God of Thunder stands out to me the most.  Also, local bar band “The Goatmen” did a pretty amazing cover of it which you can find here.

Music From “The Elder”

Concept Album designed to reinvigorate the band and brand after lagging sales from “Unmasked”?  Soundtrack to a never filmed/unreleased movie?  Regardless of the actual truth, and regardless that it’s been listed at #44 on “The 50 Worst Albums Ever Recorded”, I absolutely LOVE this album.  The whole thing.  “Under the Rose” and “The Oath” feel right back to their roots, “World Without Heroes” is deep in message, and even “Odyssey” with Paul Stanley’s distinct voice doing such a romantic ballad-esque song makes me crack a smile.  Definitely worth a listen.

Beth : Destroyer

The quintessential ballad.  Peter Criss doesn’t have the best voice, but that adds to the honesty and gravity of the lyrics.  If you don’t like this song, you’re not a fan of music.

What about YOU Somethings?  Hit our socials and let us know your thoughts on KISS!


[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] Twisted Pair

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What happens when you take $1000, some Windows ’98 Screen Savers, a green bedsheet, and some stock footage, put them in a blender and turn it on high?  Why you get the Neil Breen collection! Now, if you happen to want to see what we saw, you could go to the Breen Collection on Archive.org. I’m not saying you should… but you could.

Matt, Rob and James sat down and watched the story of…  well.. to be honest.. we’re not sure, but it has Neil playing twins, and space aliens that look strikingly like Paul Shaffer. So join us as we dive into the gift that Nick Haskins gave us in 1 Star Movie Review: Twisted Pair

Check out “Twisted Pair” on 1 Star Movie Review!

Okay here we go!

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[BLOG] Not Real Real Shows

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Hatton here…

This past week, I saw Late Night With The Devil – which is a found footage movie that takes place on an old Carson-esque talk show. It does every part of it amazing.. the sets, the color scheme, the slight fuzz to the camera at certain angles.  I can’t recommend it enough.  But that got me to thinking of all of the other shows I’ve watched and loved that really go out of their way to position themselves as a faux program. Some do it with more intent than others, but they all really do try and emulate the original war of the worlds, and in two instances was on the same day!

WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – This is one that is worth the watch, but only the once. A local news program that is doing a haunted house expose’. There is a lot to love in it, from the disgruntled newscaster to the authenticity of the commercials in between each news segment. But… it is not without its flaws and lack of feeling and direction. Good, yes. Great, sadly no.

WITHOUT WARNING – I saw this live when it was on tv in 1994 and I was riveted as it may have been my first exposure to this kind of idea. In this one, we are watching news reports and special reports and experts all about a meteor that may hit the earth. It’s a great watch, albeit and you can find it on Youtube.

..and now – the things you must watch…

GHOST WATCH – Out of all of the ones on this list, Ghost Watch is the best of them. In 1992, the BBC put on a talk show about a haunting on Halloween and we walk through a woman’s house, meet her kids, and there is enough not going wrong that it feels like it may just be real. Then, as it goes, it starts using every camera trick in the world to make you feel like you saw something that just couldn’t be there until the big ending. If any one of these inspired Late Night With the Devil – it is this one.

INSIDE NO. 9 – Lastly I’d like to give you one you may not know about. This is a BBC show that, from my limited exposure, feels like a Twilight Zone’esque anthology show. Well, they had one episode that I just happened to bump into online that is framed like a british gameshow… with no breaks or notes or explanations that it isn’t other than the people are a tad odd.  Then it gets very uncomfortable, so much that you really have a hard time figuring out if it is real or not… and then it pops.  Check it out. It is worth the experience.

Or, better yet, show these to a friend and DON’T tell them they aren’t real. Sound off with ones I may have missed in all the places.


[THE BEGINNING] Succession

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It’s time to talk about the beginning of a show that many heralded as the next big thing, and it had its four seasons and went… but, was it a Success?

We are obviously discussing the journey of the Roy family and the control of RoyCo. A gaggle of children and relatives all battle it out for control of a billion dollar empire. Will it be the political darling? The weird hippy? The hedon? The kiss-ass? It’s one giant eff’d up Brady Bunch at the top of the skyscraper.

So join us in our ivory tower as we look at the pilot episode of a show that said ‘who needs dragons and robots for a big money HBO!?’ and flew off on its private helicoptor.  Find out on this week’s episode of The Beginning: Succession

Okay here we go!

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Our Best, Favorite, Coolest, Neatest Movie Props


Sure, movies have cool action and actors and Bay-splosions.. but have you ever just looked at all of the stuff?!

From laser guns to cool hats, from space ships to candy – Hollywood can make anything cool. So the Somethings are going to talk about some of their favorite movie objects. Whether they are one off tools or the whole maguffin – these are the things that make the fantastic worlds become a reality.

So join us as we discuss our Favorite Movie Props!

Ok, here we ooooh, dude did you see that wallet? It said bad mother fu– you get it.

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[BLOG] Oh, X-Men ’97.. where were you 27 years ago…

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Oh, Hatton’s popping off about X-Men again.

You’re damned right he is – and do you know why?

Because DizMaus is brilliant at what they do no matter how agonizingly horrible they are to American copyright law. Yeah, we had the biggest movie action event of all time and then, pandemic aside, they feel like they’ve stumbled to their next marker. That said, we all thought it was going to be Fantastic Four for a minute, but behind the scenes they were moving X-Pawns into X-Places.

And then, with Patrick Stewart’s cameo, Kelsey Grammar’s cameo, and Wolverine and Deadpool – we were off to the races. Diz wants us to know that not only are they thinking about the X-Men, they are reminding people of what the X-Men was so when they bring to us our all new shiny X-Teams, the people who don’t know a M’kraan Crystal from a Gem of Cytorak can feel less alone. (An aside: I once got lambasted for misremembering which one was which when I used to write comic reviews. I deserved it.)

So that brings us to this image posted with no commentary:

And X-Men MotherTruckin ’97.

It is a love letter to comics to cartoons to 90’s animation stylings and all of it is done with a non-stop rumbling patter of name drops, character drops, and plot evolutions. Hey, was that Marrow on that poster? Yup. Hey, is that Belladonna and Bobby LeBeau at [redacted]? Yup. And they aren’t apologizing for it or spoonfeeding answers. They’re there for us to nerdily explain to our friends and partners why we keep making noises like a teapot every 30 seconds. It’s merging 50 years of the best comic stories the X-Men did and making it one nonstop pastiche of nitro-fueled nostalgia. Secondary mutation? Got it. AvX? Got it. Darkchylde, X-Factor, Glob Herman!?

But do you notice which characters the cartoon is focusing on? Jean and Scott obviously, but Rogue and Nightcrawler, Jubilee and Roberto.. not Wolverine – you know why? Everyone knows Wolverine. And yes, people know who Boyscout Cyclops and Momma Phoenix are – but what about ‘Cyclops did nothing wrong’ Summers and Madelyne ‘Yes I do control demons in lingerie, why?’ Pryor? Because X-Men ’97 has them. Minister Nightcrawler and Unforgiving Unrepentant Marvel v. Capcom Asskicking Rogue? Check and Check. The politics of the X-Men is taking center stage and it isn’t the ‘why do they hate and fear us’ easy patter. It’s the ‘we have laser beam eyes and claw hands, how the hell are we losing!? version we’ve seen in the Krakoa age.

Get ready kids, because the MCU:X is coming, and if it is 10% as good as this cartoon – I’ll have to stop bitching about how horrible the X-Movies are. (It’s going to take some time since there are 2 good ones and 6 bad ones – it’s going to take some time to move that needle)

Anyway, sugah – sound off on your X-thoughts – Hatton Out.

[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] Kiss: Phantom of the Park

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Sometimes the Somethings don’t want to podcast… they want to rock and roll all night, and party every day – but sometimes.. instead of even doing that, they want to go to an amusement park to see a band that may or may not live there and discover the secrets of the evil scientist that is building an army of robots.

Oh, and also, the Somethings have magical powers in this situation. No, we haven’t had them before. No, we’re not explaining them to you.

So find out when we find out we aren’t the only folks who have had that adventure – weird huh? On 1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW – KISS: PHANTOM OF THE PARK

Ok, here we go back to callin… cause we won’t be home tonight

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