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Episode 103 – The Defenders w/ Tim Stevens

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Take the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. A loud-mouthed P.I. with superpowers. A bullet-proof man who swears to watch out for Harlem. And.. ..well.. Danny Rand.

Push them together and what do you get – you get us bringing back the Somethingcast’s favorite guest, Mr. Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens!

As always, when the binge-worthy Marvel World rears its color-coded head, we breakdown what’s going on – what we like – what we hate – and Tim brings up the average intelligence by knowing a lot more about the source material than either of us.

So settle in and find out if this show is worth Defending. Afterwards, head over to TimStevensIsUngajje  to find out what more is going on with our ducet-toned bestie.

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Episode 91 – MST3k

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♫ In the not too distant future…
On Thursday on Netflix…

The Mads are at it again! This time, they’ve taken the Somethings hostage and before they can be set free they have to review their favorite episodes of the B-Movie-Riffathon of MST3k!

Ok, so there are no Mad Scientists. There’s no SOL. There’s simply an episode of your favorite podcast. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a topic after their own heart, and with the new season coming out Thursday on Netflix, no better time to talk about it!

So repeat to yourself it’s just a show, and you should really just relax… unless you listen to us in your car. Then don’t relax, that would be horrible.

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Episode 90 – Iron Fist

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As has become a tradition of the Somethingcast, we watch a lot of Netflix.

That’s not the tradition.. it’s a fact.. but it isn’t the tradition I’m speaking of.  I’m talking about when a new Marvel show appears on our queue, we call on the one and only @Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens. If you aren’t aware of Tim’s work at Marvel.com, just go.. we’ll wait.

But for a show like Iron Fist where there is so much to unpack, we needed someone to balance out our chi when it came to the martial arts featured in the show, so we also called in @KungFuDriveIn, himself, Jeof Vita. If you aren’t aware of Jeof’s podcast, Kung-Fu Drive-In, just go.. we’ll wait.

The four of us have been chosen to Defend you from what is to come next… unless you already watched Iron Fist. Then you’re beyond our help.

So spoilers abound, but no matter what… ok, here we go!

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Episode 89 – Voltron w/ Afterbuzz TV

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Five creatures of great power, united for a common goal.

I, of course, am talking about the folks over at AfterbuzzTV.

The Somethings are joined by the whole of the giant robot forming cast of their review and report show for Voltron: Legendary Defender. We have Katie Cullen, Mark Donica, Megan Salinas, Somethingcast old friends Emma Fyffe, and via chatroom Alexis Torres.

It is a loud and raucous affair, just how we like it.

So everybody, get ready!

AND I’LL FORM…. THE… Uhm… ….the… somehing.. ..you know.. the .. top part thinky thingy.

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Episode 79 – Luke Cage

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When Netflix calls – we move forward. Always forward.

You are correct, the boys are back with the newest installment in the Netflix Marvel Universe. We have seen what goes down in Hell’s Kitchen.  We have had our Alias investigated. Now it is time to check out who runs Harlem.

As has become a SomethingCast tradition, we can’t take on a character like Cage without a little help, so we brought our favorite dulcet toned delight, Tim ‘Ungaije’ Stevens (Check out his Psyche Ward at Marvel!).  Please settle in while we talk the history of the character, the concepts of the show, the connections with the Marvel U, and more.

How does Cage rank amongst the rest – now’s the time to find out with your Podcast For Hire.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 74 – Stranger Things

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It’s time for the boys to head umop apisdn.

In another in a long string of shows that everyobody must binge watch lest they feel the wrath of the nerdy portions of the internet, Hatton and Rob are no different and have succumbed to the newest and hottest streaming thing, Stranger Things.

So join them as they find themselves stepping sideways through the rift between this world and another, bringing along a mysterious new friend who might or might not have otherworldly powers…

Reminisce about all those things that the show reminded them of and join in the conversation here or on all of our social media.  Then, stick around for some important stuff at the end of the episode about the future of the Somethings and where else you might find them these days.

PS – Lookin for vinyl – Ask Hatton.
PS^2 – Looking for a neat shirt – Ask Rob.

Ok, here we stay or here we go, now…

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Episode 66 – Daredevil Season 2

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The Somethings have found their way back in the alleys of Hells Kitchen, and who did we find there?

Of course, we found our favorite comic genius, none other than the arid-witted Tim Stevens!

So now that the dust has settled, the guns have been stashed, and the sais are buried – we are taking on Daredevil Season 2 and a whole shitton of ninjas. So walk with us Hand in Hand in this Foggy weather to our Castle, and be prepared to be Elektrafied by this Frank discussion! (…ok, i’ll stop… …karen page…)

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 64 – House of Cards

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On this episode – The Somethings Go To Washington

We’ve been pretty big on House of Cards since Season 1, and now as the show ends its 4th Season we decided to discuss where and what has gone on, what we love, and what we hate… the fact is we don’t hate that much.

Frank Underwood – the government official we love to hate and love to see how he schemes through another moment is the central focus of this episode.

He may have his finger on the big red button – but does he hijack your brain?

I don’t think so.

(Note: This episode is SPOILERRIFIC)

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Episode 58 – Jessica Jones

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Put on your biggest smile, and join us once again as the Somethings delve into binge watching Netflix’s newest Marvel: Jessica Jones.  What started as a noir take on the superhero world has taken television by storm as a story of the seedier, darker, and downright creepier parts of what great power means when you have little responsibility.

Joining us is honorary Something, friend, and comic book genius – @Ungajje himself: Tim Stevens.

Couple things to note – this show is long. We love talking with Tim, so even when we say ‘lets wrap it up.. there’s another 2 hours.’  Also, this show is SPOILERIFFIC.  If you are 3 episodes in.. don’t listen.  Go watch them. Then listen.


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Episode 42 – Daredevil

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There is a new world upon us.  A world of heroes…. not just the high flying, super-galactic, high-tech type.  There lives heroes among us on the streets.. and more importantly – on Netflix.

The Somethings have binged the newest show in the MCU and want to talk to you about it.  So first, this show is laden with spoilers – you have been warned.  From our opinions of the whole package, to our thoughts of what this means for the future of the Netflix comic shows.

This is also a first for the Somethings – we got ourselves a bonafide Daredevil expert!  We would like to thank Marvel.com contributor, comic aficionado, force of nature, ‘Woo’ington’s own TIM STEVENS.  You can find links to all of Tim’s work at his ABOUT.ME page, and follow his exploits via Twitter @Ungajje.

Ok, here we go!

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