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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5: Casting Decisions

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Not every decision is a good one… just think of any strange flavor, because Japan has probably turned it into a Kit-Kat.

Well, the same goes for movies. Sometimes there is a choice in a film that just brings down the whole affair. The wrong actor at the wrong time or the right actor in the wrong film – sometimes you just don’t want Wasabi in your Chocolate Wafers.

So join the Somethings as they spin The Wheel and discuss their choices for the Bottom 5: Casting Decisions!

Ok, here they .. oh, one more thing! The Something Patreon is coming back, and the link will be up at the top of the page by next episode!

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[THE WHEEL] Elevator Pitch: Disaster Movie (w/ Crystal Storm)

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The Wheel is a neverending mistress, always spinning, always providing. It is the alpha, the omega, and what decides our fate. We are but pawns in its sometimes brilliant, sometimes cruel decisions.

Today, the Wheel spins yet again, and the Somethings are confronted with their biggest disaster yet – plotting their own elevator pitch for a Disaster Film!

To join them on this harrowing adventure, they have called in the source of Crystal’s Imagination, Crystal Storm!

So settle in, hold your loved ones tight, and dodge the falling meteors, it’s Elevator Pitch: Disaster Movie!

Ok, here we woooaaahhh, was that a tremor? I felt a tremor…

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[THE WHEEL] Vs. Bad Movie Draft

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The Anniversary Strikes… THE WHEEL with a list of 9 oriented topics, we spin the wheel, make the deal… annnnnnnd – BAD MOVIE DRAFT!

That’s right – Hatton and Podcast Rob are picking the best of the worst and letting you decide precisely who wins.  What was the worst? What was the best? Does one being better make it the loser? Did you like any of this dreck? How do you decide?

Head over to our TWITTER page and vote in the pinned poll!

Well, you’ll find out the rules, how to play, and the obvious winner by listening to this episode of…. THE WHEEL: BAD MOVIE DRAFT

Ok, here we ..god I’ve seen so many of these..

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[THE WHEEL] Mysteries of the Somethingverse: Mandela Effect

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Have you ever watched a cartoon or a show, heard a jingle, remembered a piece of trivia that you could swear up and down was exactly how you remembered it, only to find out that not only are you wrong, but you are wrong with a whole slew of other people who think they remember it your way too?

Yeah, welcome to the Shadow Realm… aka, the Mandela Effect.

So grab a book about a family of bears, get your clearing house check, and find out if we.. or just you… are going to need a bigger boat.

Ok, here we go!

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[THE WHEEL] Creator Spotlight: Crystal Storm

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Time again to bring the circle of fun back to the Somethings – it’s time for The Wheel!

This week, hate to spoil it, but we land on Creator Spotlight and the wheel has brought along the creative entrepreneur, writer, creator, roleplayer, fanfictioning, and all around fantastic human on the Prime Material and any other plane as well – Crystal Storm!

So maybe, before you dive in, go take a look at the place for all things Crystal: Crystal’s Imagination! and be certain to sign-up with her Twitch to keep on with her game playing!

But for now, come talk all the nerd shit with Crystal Storm!

Ok here we go!

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[THE WHEEL] [Elevator Pitch] Dead by Daylight

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Gather round kids, because we are warming our hands on amazing Swedish Furniture in, THE WHEEL!

What topic will appear today? Well, the Somethings have been saddled with the idea of creating an all new DBD Killer and Powers… if you are unfamiliar, Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 game where one player is a crazy killer and the other 4 are trying to escape. If you ask the survivors, they’ll tell you that it’s about trying to annoy one person the best way possible. If you ask a killer player, they’ll tell you it is about destroying players with the most unfair way possible.  Either way, the game is fun for all.

So what new monster will the boys come up with?  Only one find out… on THE WHEEL: DBD Elevator Pitch

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[THE WHEEL] Recently Watched

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It’s time again for the finest in Swedish Podcasting Technology THE WHEEL!

But first – it’s that time of year again. We are gearing up for Livestream For The Cure, so please save the date, May 19th – 21st.

On the show this week, we spin the wheel, we connect at 2400 bps, and we get a brand new topic where we just talk about some of the stuff we’ve seen.  It’s a new take on an old classic. Hatton’s watched a bunch of horror movies, Rob’s watched a bunch of television, and both have hunted buffalo.

What the hell does that mean? Only one way to find out!

Ok, here we go!

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[THE WHEEL] Bottom 5: CGI

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The Wheel has returned… and the narrative of the Wheel takes a new turn!  Get it? Nevermind…

Anyway, there are some new topics on the Wheel, and we have been hit with one of them.  You know how Rob and Hatton are always talking about their favorite things? Well, this week they are talking about the Bottom 5, the worst, the shameful, the hysterically bad, and the ‘wait what?’ in the realm of computer generated graphics and green screen in film.

So gather round and think back to all of those horrible aliens, blood splatters, and technological marvels that were clearly added in post, just like your hosts on BOTTOM 5: CGI

Ok, here we go!

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[THE WHEEL] Mysteries of the Somethingverse – A.I.

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We’re back with The Wheel – and where it stops, nobody knows… well, I mean.. we do, because we recorded it.. and you do because you can see the episode title. Look, work with me, ok?

Anyway, what do you think about artificial intelligence? What do you think about the idea that computers out there will one day take us over completely and we will be slaves to their machinations? Did Asimov have it right about making sure they can’t hurt us? Or is it all just a bunch of claptrap hooey for sci-fi writers and the 5g chip embedded in your mind?

Join us as we take a dive into a topic we honestly have very little right talking about, but that’s never stopped us before. It’s time for Mysteries of the Somethingverse: Artificial Intelligence

Ok, here we go – if the overlords allow us…

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[THE WHEEL] Mysteries of the Somethingverse: Mothman

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Country roads…
Take me home… 

That’s right – we are heading back into the Somethingverse and taking another of our countries favorite cryptids to task.  We turn our globe, or at least Google Earth.. who owns a globe these days? Anyway, we are going to West Virginia, mountain mama – and we are talking about The Tick’s best buddy, Mothman!  From his interesting beginnings in the middle of the 1900’s to his home as a tourist attraction – this cryptid is living the good life….. OR IS HE!?

Find out now, as we put on our mystery snorkle and head into… THE SOMETHINGVERSE: MOTHMAN

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