TTRPG Party w. B. Dave Walters

Before we get to the episode, we just want to mention a charity that our guest this week mentions: GAMES FOR LOVE, a charity that provides not just games, but camps for programming and coding, to kids in hospitals around the world to ease their stresses through gaming. Please, give it a look and a share.

On to the matter at hand… Tabletop RPG is in a new heyday… all those years where the only problem with sitting and rolling dice with friends was that you couldn’t get people together – well now, you can watch roleplayers roleplay all over the internet!

If you do dig on streaming tabletop, you have probably heard of our guest, B. Dave Walters aka Victor Temple on LA By Night, a canonical Vampire: The Masquerade game streaming with Geek & Sundry (If you haven’t watched, you can start right here!) They have just started their new Chapter, which you can watch live on Friday nights – or B. Dave Storytelling his game on Queue Times.

Where else can you find him.. where CAN’T you!?
Twitter: @BDaveWalters
Instagram: @BDavewalters/
Patreon: @BDavewalters

Now though, on with the party…

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