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TTRPG Party w. B. Dave Walters

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Before we get to the episode, we just want to mention a charity that our guest this week mentions: GAMES FOR LOVE, a charity that provides not just games, but camps for programming and coding, to kids in hospitals around the world to ease their stresses through gaming. Please, give it a look and a share.

On to the matter at hand… Tabletop RPG is in a new heyday… all those years where the only problem with sitting and rolling dice with friends was that you couldn’t get people together – well now, you can watch roleplayers roleplay all over the internet!

If you do dig on streaming tabletop, you have probably heard of our guest, B. Dave Walters aka Victor Temple on LA By Night, a canonical Vampire: The Masquerade game streaming with Geek & Sundry (If you haven’t watched, you can start right here!) They have just started their new Chapter, which you can watch live on Friday nights – or B. Dave Storytelling his game on Queue Times.

Where else can you find him.. where CAN’T you!?
Twitter: @BDaveWalters
Instagram: @BDavewalters/
Patreon: @BDavewalters

Now though, on with the party…

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The End – Kindred

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Time again for us to skip the years of backstory, the forum posts, the rumor mills, and just go straight… to The End

On this week’s episode, given the spookiness of the month, we delve into a forgotten Tori Spelling vehicle that combines the politics of a 90s Fox show with a gutted version of an RPG classic.

Trenchcoats abound, and we’re pretty sure we’re your Sire now — if you didn’t know this show existed, we wouldn’t be surprised as it had less than a dozen episodes – it is the vampiest of vampies – it’s KINDRED: THE EMBRACED

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Episode 37 – Epic Fantasy

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The two men, armed with their wits, a giant sword, a couple of shields, a nearly dead horse, and on they went to the mysterious fantastical land of magic and creatures that could tear them asunder without even blinking.  Yet, here they go… the Somethings are taking a journey into the land of fantasy.  They will climb grand mountains to deposit jewelry, they’ll go to school to face he who probably shouldn’t be mentioned.  They’ll rip a sword out of a rock in the hopes to ascend to royalty.

It’s time for the Somethings to be what they haven’t been before… Fantastic.

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PS – Please don’t hesitate in checking out Hatton’s horror contest, comment on his (or other) stories to help with immunity: http://www.davidwellingtonsfearproject.com