Episode 24 – The Marvel Movieverse, Pt. 1 [Live!]

A little over a year ago – James Hatton, creator of webcomics and hoster of thingies ran into a friend of his years of doing RennFests.  They struck up conversations and Hatton remembered just how well they gelled and just how funny of a sumbich he was.  He went and offered the chance of a lifetime to one Podcast Rob.  A short time later, the SomethingSomethingCast was born.

Now where Hatton may have been the one that brought up the idea – since then, Rob has been a tour de force of making sure the show happens regularly, that creative ideas are always flowing – so Hatton may have started it up, but Rob has become the heart of it.

To celebrate this first year – the boys have gone to WildPigComics with an audience and a panel to discuss the Marvel Movie Universe!  The Past, Present & Future

Thank you all for listening – and we look forward to another year of.. uhm.. something.. err.. something..

NOTE: As has been a theme of the first year of our show, technical difficulties always raise their pretty little heads, and there were times in the show where some microphones seemed to be at varying levels.  I’ve done my best to even out the sound so everyone is audible, but that also has increased a certain amount of ambient noise.  This will be fixed in future 1 year celebrations. – J

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