Episode 25 – The Marvel Movieverse, Pt. 2 [Live!]

WHERE WE LAST LEFT THE SOMETHINGS – They were hanging out at WildPigComics with guests, Owner Chris Eberle, Manager & Webcomicker Bill Ellis, and Hatton’s wifey Madison talking about the Marvel Movieverse!

They discussed all the things that happened before. Phase 1. What we know. What we’ve seen. What has been etched into our collective reptillian nerd brain.  But what of things to come?  What of Phase 2 and the completely mythical and rumor-milled Phase 3!?

Join us once again for the second part of our 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular!


NOTE: As has been a theme of the first year of our show, technical difficulties always raise their pretty little heads, and there were times in the show where some microphones seemed to be at varying levels.  I’ve done my best to even out the sound so everyone is audible, but that also has increased a certain amount of ambient noise.  This will be fixed in future 1 year celebrations. – J

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