[The Wheel] Mysteries of the Somethingverse: DB Cooper

We’ve all thought about that big moment where we could change the world. 

Sure, some of us want to be supervillains.. I mean.. some of you.. ahem, but if you had this perfect moment to stick it to the man and nobody would be harmed – would you do it?

What if it made you one of the most wanted men in the world?

Well the Somethings are going to talk about a man who did just that. Nobody knows who he is, nobody knows if he survived, nobody knows what happened to the money…. we’re of course talking about the Mystery of DB Cooper. So settle in, get you and the flight crew a martini, set your seats back and your tray up – It’s takeoff on The Wheel: DB COOPER 

Okay here we go!

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Author: RevVoice