[ELEVATOR PITCH] Theme Restaurant w/ Matt & Becky

It’s time again for the Somethings to head to Big Money Tower – what are we pitching this time? THEME RESTAURANTS.. and no, we don’t mean we’re going to put local sports teams on the wall and random bric-a-brac we found at the thrift. We’re going all out with full immersion experiences looking for that big check.

And who is providing the big check this week? Well, none other than two of our favorite people, of Pre-Recorded Live, it’s Matt & Becky!

If you are in the Ohio area, you should check out Mysteries Ink where the pair are part of a murder… most… foul.

Before that though, settle in as we wine and dine these two and see which one of us wins Elevator Pitch: Theme Restaurant

Ok, here w- wait are we splitting the check?

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Author: RevVoice