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[ELEVATOR PITCH] The Next MCU Phase (w/ Tim Stevens)

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We’re back in the Elevator and it wouldn’t be right to leave without visiting one of the greatest guests of Somethingcast history – the man whose guest appearances now achieves double digits. The comic guru, the writing wizard, the beef that is.. Tim ‘Ungajje’ Stevens.

Tim is here to judge what he thinks the best call is for the next phase of the MCU. Will it be those rascally mutants? Galactus? Shao Khan whining? It could be anything!

After you’re done with us here, make sure you go and check out all of Tim’s work and at his Linktree, or go and read his regular entertainment pieces over at

Thanks for being with us along the ride Tim, but now the hardest decision of your life, Elevator Pitch: The Next Phase of the MCU.

Okay here we go!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Livestream For The Cure: Movie to Video Game

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If you listen to us semi-regularly, you know that we were once again a part of the amazing Livestream For The Cure event this past month. With friend of the show and the Jerry Lewis of podcasting charity events, Nick Haskins at the helm, we once again go into the elevator and ask a man with a giant check if we could use it… for what?

Well, this week we are taking a video game franchise and turning it into a movie, or vice versa.

That’s not all you get in this episode, as afterwards we hang out with the Livestream crew and talk movies, Furiosa, a bit about the show ending, and just generally merrymake with our ‘For the Cure’ family.  We want to thank everyone involved and everyone that stuck around and donated during our time.

That said, the event is over, but there is never a bad time to donate and help to live in a world without cancer.

With that said, enjoy the show!  Ok, here we go…

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Reinvent the Zombie

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The Somethings are in the elevator.. but this time, it’s creepy and it’s spooky.. altogether ookey. It does, in fact, yearn for our sweet sweet brain meats which is why this week’s Elevator Pitch challenge is to Reinvent the Zombie.

Now, who is our guest CEO with the big money zomb check?  Artist, creator, and long-time zombie enthusiast, Nick ‘Ghostfreehood’ DiFabbio. You may have seen Nick’s work on a multitude of webcomic projects, on the poster of your local indie show, at SuperArtFight, or at his homebase studio of  where you can find posters, shirts, enamel pins, toys, and his card game Blade of the Badlands.

What will these new zombos want? Find out on Elevator Pitch: Reinvent the Zombie

Okay here we go….nads!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Non-Horror to Horror w/ Fear!

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The Somethings are back in that elevator.. they have ideas and they want someone to buy!

Take a movie, a not-so-scary movie – and remake it with a horror twist. It’s all the rage, just ask Winnie the Pooh! So who will be judging us and handing out the giant check? None other than friend of the Somethings and host of Horror In The Pit & Talk Life – Fear!

So what will the boys bring to scare a man called Fear… find out, as we turn Non-Horror to Horror on this week’s Elevator Pitch!

Ok, what about a talking head beer and pretzels podcast.. but GHOSTS!!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Movie Prequel w/ Kevin Gootee

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Another week – another elevator – another big time CEO with a big check – it’s like we’re on a rotating schedule. If only we could go back before….

AND WE CAN! This week, we are pitching movie Prequels – stories before the story – and who is our guest CEO? It’s none other than Gutting The Sacred Cow host, stand-up, and friend of the Somethings, Kevin Gootee 

So hop into your podracer, fire up the Prometheus, or learn why Snakes? why did it have to be snakes, and maybe how they got on that mo’fo’in plane!

It’s time for Elevator Pitch: Prequels

Ok, here we pre-go!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Theme Restaurant w/ Matt & Becky

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It’s time again for the Somethings to head to Big Money Tower – what are we pitching this time? THEME RESTAURANTS.. and no, we don’t mean we’re going to put local sports teams on the wall and random bric-a-brac we found at the thrift. We’re going all out with full immersion experiences looking for that big check.

And who is providing the big check this week? Well, none other than two of our favorite people, of Pre-Recorded Live, it’s Matt & Becky!

If you are in the Ohio area, you should check out Mysteries Ink where the pair are part of a murder… most… foul.

Before that though, settle in as we wine and dine these two and see which one of us wins Elevator Pitch: Theme Restaurant

Ok, here w- wait are we splitting the check?

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Discontinued Toys w/ Ty Jero

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What was your toy?  Did you play with M.U.S.C.L.E.S or Stretch Armstrong? Were you a Lite-Brite kid or maybe you had a slinky but you straightened it.  Whatever your particular pet rock was, there is some toy that you remember from your childhood that is no longer with us. Maybe because it just wasn’t that interesting or maybe because it was horrendously dangerous.

Well, the Somethings are back in the elevator and we’re going to bring back a toy from our childhood, and the special guest CEO is one of the hosts of High Anxiety on Youtube, Ty Jero!  So please, pay respect to our toy maestro and check out his team’s reviews of toys and collectables.

But for now – which one of us will get the pile of money?

Find out on Elevator Pitch: Discontinued Toys

Ok here we go go Power Rangers!

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