Episode 87 – Andy Parks of Quixotic Games

The Somethings know some people.

I mean, we’ve been around the world long enough to have collected a small and powerful group of friends… or at least people who keep cashing the check.

This week we have the honor and distinction to talking with friend and game designer Andy Parks of Quixotic games about his new Kickstarter, Dungeon Alliance.

Do you like board games? Do you like dungeons? Do you like beans? Do you like George Wendt?

Well two out of four of those are featured prominently in this episode.

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Our music today deserves a plug too.. as Hatton discovered it, and it’s badass:
RichaadEB (ft. Josiah McDaniel)

Okay, here we go:

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1 thought on “Episode 87 – Andy Parks of Quixotic Games

  1. Great show, and great interview, guys.

    Here’s the thing about Andy: he is totally humble, and shares so much credit for these “collaborative efforts”, and while he isn’t exactly lying, you can trust me when I say that when the Quixotic Games team gets together, none of the rest of us have any doubts as to who the hard-working creative genius who makes it all work is. Not that he would ever say so.

    Also, as you guys mentioned, talking with him always makes you feel as though you’ve come away smarter than you were before.

    And, friends, congrats on your well-deserved Honorable Mention! And thanks for the lovely Valentine’s Day gift of not making me sad. 🙂

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