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[5TH WHEEL] Dreamcasting: X-Men

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For the first time in 2024 we have a 5 week month – and we’re taking another thing we did and putting it here so we don’t do it that much because we do one of those things a lot more.  Make sense? You don’t care, it’s fine.

So we have The Wheel out of mothballs and that means we are spinning it to a topic which leads us to the wacky world of Marvel Mutants. The X-Movies are coming, so who could play the first class of DizMar Mutants?  Well we’ll lay out our teams and you can go to all of our social media and tell us which one is right.

So join me, my X-Men as we go to the 5th Wheel: Dreamcasting X-Men


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[BLOG] Hatton Talks Royal Rumble 2024

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Oh it’s Royal Rumble time – and I don’t wax poetic about wrestling a lot on here. Hell, I don’t even watch a lot of wrestling anymore. I do, though, keep up with the goings on of the men who fight in underwear for the right to wear a belt.

This weekend is the best event of the year – the Royal Rumble. 30 people go in the ring and at the end one person stands tall and goes to Wrestlemania to fight one of the champs. So let’s break down the expectations vs. who I want.

The Men’s Rumble

FAVORITES: The favorites of the Rumble are CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, two men who, not long ago, were in a different company. I give WWE all the credit in the world for accepting that these two guys have remade their names elsewhere and – as any big monolith does – swept in with big money to use them before their heat is down.

Cody – The problem I have with Cody winning is that I honestly just don’t like him. I think he comes across as smug and ‘I know I’m amazing’ and it bugs me.
Punk – My problem with Punk is that I loathe big name people coming in and sweeping the spots away from the performers that have been sweating in that ring for the last few years. How long has Chad Gable been in WWE? Damien Priest? Finn Balor? They get to constantly wait in a line that never gets any shorter as old guard shows back up.

WHO I WANT: There is one man that has been the VIP of wrestling for the last couple of years. His presentation, his style, his intensity, and even his promo work. That man is Gunther. He has earned his spot at the top of the pile.. and you can say ‘His time is coming’ – I say, no. His time should be now.

The Women’s Rumble

FAVORITES: There is a lot of wiggle room for some surprise in the Women’s Rumble, as there are mainstay favorites and very little chance that someone is going to come out of nowhere. The Bellas are gone and Charlotte is injured. There is one name that could swoop in..

Jade Cargill – She’s been waiting in the wings for her moment to shine, and there is every chance in the world she will be the surprise #30 to introduce her to the WWE world. I don’t want her for the exact same reasons I don’t want Punk. She just got there…
Becky Lynch – I love Becky, but she has won it already. She can make her way to Wrestlemania and pick her opponent without a problem. There is a bigger set of fireworks for her at the end, but the fact is she is going to be in the title picture no matter what, so why not tell a different story.

WHO I WANT: Fact is, the person I want is in the top considerations. Bayley. She has dealt through injury, the Rhonda years, and has simply been the workhorse of the women’s division. In one swoop you can give one of the Four Horsewomen their flowers, turn her face again, and say thank you to a woman who loves wrestling more than most.

So that’s it. Who’s your pick? Let us know in all the places.

[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] 2012 Doomsday

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A scattered group of people all feel a pull to go to one place. They travel by car, plane, sneaker, and bicycle like some sort of dystopian It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World all to reveal what has happened to a world on the brink of devastation.

Do not miss the Amy Dolenz vehicle, and our review of: 1-Star Movie Review: 2012 Doomsday

Now, are you the type of person that wants to see the movie after knowing how amazing it is?  Well if you would like… here you go.

Ready? Ok, here we g… where did we go?

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[BLOG] PCR’s further thoughts on ‘Fringe’

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Hey Somethings, PCR here!

This past Tuesday, we dropped an episode of “In the Beginning” talking about the pilot episode of Fringe (here if you haven’t listened yet…), and, one of the things we ask ourselves is.. does the pilot do enough to make you want to watch more?

Well, I’m 2 episodes into Season 3 so far and, I’m glad I continued.

While it felt a bit odd that they dropped some story angles (The Pattern) and some characters seem to had some minor look and personality tweaks from S1 to S2 (Peter…), I’m enjoying the journey this show is taking.

One constant I can speak on, who.. for my money.. has become THE glue to this show and absolutely chews up EVERY scene they’re in, is John Noble as Walter Bishop (and Walternate in some seasons).  The depth of emotion he can portray is absolutely astounding… and the fact he gets to show another facet when he plays Walternate speaks even more volumes to his skill.  Again, I’ve just started S3 and he is legitimately the best actor on this entire show, and it’s not even close.  That’s not to say the other actors are slouches, but Noble is such a jump above the others it’s palpable.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes from here, but I’m glad we got this fan suggestion to do Fringe on “In The Beginning” because otherwise I likely never would have started it.



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In a post-Lost world, a lot of television shows came through the lens flaired hands of J.J. Abrams on his journey to screwing up Star Trek and leaving the bones of Star Wars to bleach in the pretty, yet confusing red sand. Fringe may be the show he is lauded for the least, but is that the way it should be?

A mix between X-Files and a procedural, Fringe gave us 5 seasons… but how did it begin?

Join us as we follow the wacky antics of crazypants science that is The Beginning: Fringe

Ok, Stranger, here we go!

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[BLOG] Hatton Talks Cults…

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Happy New Year Somethings, it’s Hatton!

What is your go to television type? Do you cuddle up with horror? Dive into police procedurals? Well, my wife and I, when they are available, will watch anything possible about cults… because watching people dedicate their time, money, and sometimes lives to a guy who says he’s figured it all out sounds like an interesting case study in ‘OMG WHAAAA’ which is a legitimate science. So here are a few of the recent ones we’ve picked up that you can dive into if you are looking for a 101 on how to make money and influence nations.

THE VOW & SEDUCED – First, let’s talk NXIVM. Both The Vow and Seduced are interesting looks into a multi-tier marketing wannabe cult that ends in a man having a legion of branded slaves he has blackmail over. Both of these two together give you a real bite into how people fell into it, what they were doing, and why they were doing it. From baiting influencers and selling them snake oil to building a labyrinth the followers can’t find their way out of.. it is the template of what a modern internet culture cult is going to look like.

THE CULT OF MOTHERGOD – If you think of cults as things that are either dangerous (NXIVM, Scientology, Cutco) or less-dangerous (Peloton users, Rennies) – The Cult of Mothergod sits on the side of less dangerous, but still strange. A bunch of hippies get together, smoke, and build a business around homeopathic garbage while worshipping a woman who babbles about her astral alien journeys and Robin Williams. It is a tale that gets weirder and weirder as it goes, as you watch a strange entitled woman slowly turn blue. I can’t recommend this higher.

BORN IN SYNANON – I was surprised to hear that there was a cult from the ‘era of cults and serial killers’ of the 70s and 80s that I had missed. Synanon started as a rehab facility and turned itself into a self-appointed city of people trying to make the world a better place.  I mean, that was the original intention. No other doc that I’ve seen shows a collective of people who still believe in the ideals of what started and why it all fell down better than this story.

ESCAPING TWIN FLAMES – Lastly these bunch of assholes. Sometimes, when you are watching cult docs, you understand how people got there. Charisma, charm, and a better life are almost always the way. Twin Flames did it with dating… literally cultifying ‘Plenty of Fish’ and not caring one ounce as to what that may do to their impressionable clientele. Multi-tier marketing is back in this one, but now it is about training people how to love and how to connect with their soul mate, whether or not that person wants to be involved. The doc is good, but you will loathe the people involved.

So what cults are you involved in.. statistically one of you is. Sound off in all our places!

[ELEVATOR PITCH] Theme Restaurant w/ Matt & Becky

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It’s time again for the Somethings to head to Big Money Tower – what are we pitching this time? THEME RESTAURANTS.. and no, we don’t mean we’re going to put local sports teams on the wall and random bric-a-brac we found at the thrift. We’re going all out with full immersion experiences looking for that big check.

And who is providing the big check this week? Well, none other than two of our favorite people, of Pre-Recorded Live, it’s Matt & Becky!

If you are in the Ohio area, you should check out Mysteries Ink where the pair are part of a murder… most… foul.

Before that though, settle in as we wine and dine these two and see which one of us wins Elevator Pitch: Theme Restaurant

Ok, here w- wait are we splitting the check?

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[BLOG] PCR talks Hogwarts Meh-gacy!

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Hey Somethings!

New Year, New Us, Same Blog!

We have some things in the works that we’re excited for coming in March, and we hope you end up excited for it too!

So, over the holidays, thanks to Steam’s sale (=shakes fist at clouds=), I ended up buying Hogwarts Legacy because… well.. I had wanted to try it when it came out, but the price was a huge turn of for me (to say nothing of the personality issues and social beliefs of Ms. R…) but the pricing on the sale made me ok with my decision (in both regards) and I was eager to dip into it.

First thing I noticed is the game is…  not…   overly stunning graphics-wise.  Now my rig has a 3060 and 32g of ram.. not bleeding edge, but still a strong system.  It looked… “ok”.  Even on Ultra settings, the game looked “ok”… it SURE didn’t look like one would assume a game on Ultra would look.  After doing some digging, I found many online who agreed that “Medium” and “Ultra” were not huge differences… in some cased no different… in the appearance of the game.  I ended up finding one link that suggested a mish-mosh of “High-Low-Ultra-Medium-off-off-on…” settings that, made the game look as best as it was going to.  Ok.. settings handled, off to Hogwarts!

The gameplay is…  ok.  The spells you learn are varied and visually pretty cool, and the school and surrounding areas are well designed.

Pros : You get to ROAM AROUND HOGWARTS!  HOGSMEADE!  QUIDDI..well.. no.  No Quidditch.  The pitch is there, and you can fly around it on your broom, but you can’t play.  More on that.  The accuracy and care given to the design of the school and Hogsmeade is impressive and… for those who’ve read the books and seen the movies.. dare I say ‘comforting’.  I feel most of the movies were a great visual representation of the books descriptions, and now with the game, being in control of WHERE you go and roam around… it felt…good.  As far as gear goes, you can make your character look regal, understated, or outright SILLY, and I like that.  Tailored and smart?  Sure.  Want to look like Snape dressed as a grandma coming out of a boggart closet?  You can do that too.

Cons : You get to roam around Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and.. so much of it feels like fan service.  Can you go in Honeydukes?  Sure!  And… look around.. and.. activate a few things.  Now, some places have quests or are shops to buy certain things needed down the road, but even then, interaction feels stifled.  Quidditch?  The pitch is there, but the game tells you right from the beginning that there’s no Quidditch season ‘this year’….  apparently a different company is working on a stand alone Quidditch game, so the rights weren’t available.  The other thing that was an… odd choice for me… the game takes place 100 years before ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, but some of the choices felt STRICTLY made for fan service.  The two co-headmasters are related to characters in the movies.. yet.. why did the movies/books never say anything?  Yes, I know the movies/books came first.. but they created such a rich world to pull from..  would Ron and the other Weasleys be treated the way they were if it was ‘known’ that Ron’s Great-Great-Grandmother was a Co-Headmaster of the school?  There are a lot of choices that make you go “Hey!  That’s neat!   …waitaminute…”

The combat also feels, while interesting with spell combos.. repetitive.  I’m hoping as I get deeper into the game, that feel will change.

Overall, it’s an ok game.  If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to get into it, definitely get it on sale IMO.  Capture the warm and fuzzies of the fan service and hopefully that will keep you warm enough during the Meh of the game.

What did YOU think?  Let us know in our socials!


Snopes 2023

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We’re back!

It’s been a bit since we had a new episode for you – besides the special PAX episodes… and the Christmas Party… ok, look, even when we take a break we’re on break with mics in our hand. That said, we have returned to our regularly scheduled Something with our mostly yearly round-up of some of the stories that took the year by storm – and by storm, I mean confused your Gramma on Facebook.

Which ones are real? Which ones are fake? Which ones are a secret mindcrime built by the establishment to stop the 5g chips in your teeth?

Find out on our Snopes 2023 Roundup!

Ok, here we go?  VERIFIED

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