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[ELEVATOR PITCH] 80’s Wrestlers

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Wrestlemania may be behind us, but the Somethings are getting in on the action, baybayyy.

So join PCR, Hatton, and Big Matt as they are, yet again, on an elevator with an idea.. you see they each have created a wrestler from the ground up. Gimmick. Moveset. Theme song. And one of their creations is going to hit the ring if today’s CEO approves. The rest’ll be serving hard time.

Today’s CEO is a guy who has established himself in two competitive and cutthroat worlds – wrestling AND comics.. and merged them. Today we have Mike Kingston, creator of Headlocked, a comic that tells the story of a guy who rises through the ranks in the ring and Tales From The Road stories told by the biggest names of the industry.  Check out everything he does at: Headlockedcomic.com

So what are the Somethings going to do when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside?

Only one way to find out…. it’s time to play the game on Elevator Pitch: 80’s Wrestlers

Ok here we go.. 4… Life.

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[BLOG] The April 2nd Announcement, Future of Somethings (Hatton’s Version)

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It seemed only right to also put in a post about the big talking point of the Somethingcast this month – the fact that we will be ending the show on our summer anniversary.

This show has outlasted multiple homes. At least one marriage. Much like when I was doing In His Likeness, it was my anchor. In one of my many move arounds, I was setting up my laptop in a friend’s house to make sure we could get shit up on the site. When you do something this regularly for this long, you build a lot of life around it, and for someone like me that would forget what day it was if I didn’t have the labeled underwear… that’s a good thing. (And in case you are wondering, I’m writing this on Hanes Moisture-wicking Cotton Blend Day.)

A lot in our lives have changed and a lot in the world of podcasting has changed, too. The fact that we lasted this long without turning into a True Crime podcast is astounding. (It would be called ‘Sleuttththhhzzzss’ – you know it would.

As the weeks go by, I’m sure we’ll talk more about how we came to the decision and reminisce like the maudlin old assholes we are, but I will say this – time after time, Rob and I would have these check-in moments. They probably started after year 3 or 4, where one of us would say ‘You still want to do this?’ and at first, I probably thought I was getting dumped – but as time wore on, it just became our annual vibe check. More than once one of us got ready to take a brief break from the show and honestly, those brief breaks ended up being near non-existent because the one that was taking some time came up with a great idea or decided they didn’t want the break in the first place.

Like Rob said in his post, we’re extraverted sluts for entertaining people. We may not be here in this exact spot, but I assure you there will be a spot you will be able to find one or both of us as we try a new or different kind of merrymaking. We need to. It’s in the blood. And that’s because the only reason we’ve ever done this show was because we love entertaining you.

Sound off in all of the places with your favorite Something moments or episodes. We would love to know when we made you laugh the hardest.

Til then, talk to you on Fruit of the Loom Red Picnic Checkers day.
– J

[THE BEGINNING] Wayward Pines

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It’s well established the Somethings enjoy a show that takes place in a mysterious location with a bunch of people unsure of what’s gone on. Well, in his first selection for The Beginning, Big Matt has provided us with one that slipped through our cracks.. he has given us a bit of a Twin Peek at a little show Lost called Wayward Pines.

This Matt Dillon vehicle covers all the bases – strange location, the audience knowing secrets the characters don’t, secrets on secrets on secrets, and… M Nigh Shyamalan?!

So is this show just another Leftover or was it a gem caught on the Fringe? …flash forward, heroes, persons unknown, i-land…

Find out on The Beginning: Wayward Pines

Ok, here we have to go back… kinda.

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[BLOG] April 2nd episode and the future of The Something Something ‘Cast

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Hey there Somethings, PCR here!

So, hopefully by now, you’ve listened to our “Shows that Went Too Long” episode, and you might be saying to yourself, “Self, those wacky scamps ended their show with an April Fools joke on April SECOND!  Will their comedy genius never cease??”

Well, I am here to assure you dear listeners, it was not an April Fools joke.

“Look at their commitment to their craft!  Doubling down on a ‘day-later-joke’ FOUR DAYS LATER!”

It’s not a joke.

“Only someone making a joke like that would say so…”

It’s not a joke.

If you would have told us back in July of 2013 when we started this wacky journey in Casa de Hatton 1.0, sitting in his living room, using a direct input mic and one fed into an old mixing board with the 4th XLR cable we rummaged out of a box of cables because the first 3 went bad and a hum behind the audio track that we didn’t find out for at LEAST 10 episodes that it was picking up the fan from his printer that we would still be doing this show 11 years later… well.. honestly.. I don’t know what we would have thought….   but here we are.

It has been an absolute blast, and because of this show, we have met and spoken to people we otherwise never would have had the opportunity to.  We have been able to do things and go places we otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to, and that is something that can never be forgotten or taken away.

Our last episode will be July 30th, so there’s still plenty of Something to be had still.

That being said, James and I are entertainment whores, and we can’t NOT create things so… if I were a betting man (and I’m not), I’d likely wager that you’ll run into us again down the road somewhere doing something else.

Until then…  enjoy the upcoming episodes.  Go back and catch up on our back catalogue.  Let us know your favorite episode or bit, and buckle up, cause we’ve still got plenty of great stuff coming along!


Shows That Went On Too Long…


Everyone has that show.. you know that show – the one you were the repository of knowledge for. The show you didn’t miss week to week. You were on the Usenet forum, had built a vanity page for it on AOL, your entire Livejournal icon system was built around your favorite character’s moods. You WERE this show… which apparently aired in 2005. Anyway, as the years went on, you started to feel that maybe.. just maybe.. it got a bit long in the tooth. Then the tooth turned into a tusk.

This week, we are discussing shows that overstayed their welcome – maybe by a year, maybe by a decade. Grab a fish biscuit, and settle in for Shows That Went On Too Long…

And please, make sure to listen all the way through, the last selection may shock you.

Ok, here we keep going…

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[BLOG] Hatton’s Favorite Mania Matches…

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It’s the last blog before April – and aside from it being James Hatton Appreciation Month – it is also time yet again for the Superbowl of grappling – Wrestlemania!

Now, at the moment, there are some big shaking going on in the squared circle. The Rock is on television again. The two night event is going on in Philly so it’s guaranteed if they don’t put on a good show they’ll have batteries thrown at them from the rafters while Gritty screams ‘E C DUB’ – but I wanted to throw out some of my favorite matches of Manias ever. Oh, and this isn’t the only wrestling content you’ll be seeing from us this month.

KOFI-MANIAKofi Kingston v. Daniel Bryan – This is a bit of a biased pick because I was there for this one. Yes, we were hanging off of the ‘G’ in Giants stadium, but I saw when Kofi Kingston beat Daniel Bryan at what felt like 4am at Wrestlemania 35.  I love Kofi Kingston and seeing a build around a guy who has deserved it for too too long made me thrilled to be there for one of the most heartfelt in-ring moments that’s ever closed out a Wrestlemania. I don’t get emotional about wrestling, but watching Xavier Woods in tears of joy … it makes a guy a lil dusty.

THE AYO-TOLLAH & THE TEA CUPChris Jericho v. Stephen Regal – Mania X7 is considered by many, if not most, the greatest Mania ever.. and sure, it’s got Rock/Austin 2 and Hunter v Taker… but how come nobody talks about two of the best ringworkers of the day. General Manager Regal fights Y2J over, if memory serves, pissing in his teapot.  That doesn’t matter – what does is the fact that Regal holds absolutely nothing back, reversing the Walls into a Stretch, and chopping the snot out of Jericho in a way Gunther would be proud of.

RATED R FOR FIRE – Mick Foley v. Edge – I am an unabashed huge Edge fan. I never expected he would get the launch he did into main event status until this match. Both men go out there to prove that they can hang, but for different reasons. Edge goes and puts on a hardcore performance that rarely ever gets seen on a Mania and Foley shows that even though he is on the last steps of his in-ring career, with the right motivation, he is a legend for a reason. It’s brutal in ways you forget until you see it again.

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT WRESTLEMANIA 5… Ok, fine, I guess people do because the Mega-somethings exploded – but people don’t discuss the stars of Wrestlemania V.  The tag teams. There are two tag matches in the midst of Mania 5.

First Demolition v Powers of Pain and.. ok, fine, it’s a by-the-numbers tag match with the addition of Mr. Fuji, but it is Demolition at their biggest and best – BUT! And I say this with absolutely no sarcasm:

Strike Force v. Brain Busters is an amazing match. It’s forgotten because it is more gimmick with Martel turning coat – but everything up until that moment was on its way to being a real classic. Watch the fluid exchanges between Tito Santana and Arn Anderson and you can see what this match wanted to become. Even after Martel splits, Tito fights back and for a very brief moments you think he might be able to pull it off.  Then again…..

So what are your favorite forgotten Mania matches – sound off in all the places!


[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] Space Raiders

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Look, in the early 80s there were two ways to make a ton of money… the first was a lot of cocaine. The second, which sometimes included the first, was to make something that people who were squinting may think they were watching something Star Wars related.

Enter the checkerpatterned opera that is Space Raiders. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll swear you saw this footage before.

Find out what the hell that means on 1-Star Movie Review: Space Raiders

Ok, here we go Over The Top!

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[BLOG] What PCR’s been watching!

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Hey Somethings, PCR here!

Been digging into some new TV and video stuffs lately, here’s a taste!










I honestly started watching this because of all of the ‘shorts’ videos I was seeing from it on Facebook and Instagram.  I was not disappointed.  The acting is great, and the visuals are stunning.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend checking it out.

Wayward Pines








Not sure if it’s the “M. Night” part of it, the Matt Dillon part of it, or the fact that I’m one episode in and just do NOT give a shit about anyone in it or anything that’s happening.. but this one is going to be a rough slog.


Make Some Noise/Game Changer









College Humor is now Dropout (with it’s own subscription channel…) but you can find plenty of episodes/clips on Youtube.  It’s improv/game show/hilarity, and I’ve become addicted.  Sam Reich is the perfect foil, and watching folks like Brennan Lee Mulligan get psychologically tortured trying to figure out how best to earn points.. well.. you have to see for yourselves.

How about you Somethings?  What have YOU been watching lately?  Hit us on the socials and let us know!

Watch this space!  Major announcement coming in April!



[ELEVATOR PITCH] Non-Horror to Horror w/ Fear!

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The Somethings are back in that elevator.. they have ideas and they want someone to buy!

Take a movie, a not-so-scary movie – and remake it with a horror twist. It’s all the rage, just ask Winnie the Pooh! So who will be judging us and handing out the giant check? None other than friend of the Somethings and host of Horror In The Pit & Talk Life – Fear!

So what will the boys bring to scare a man called Fear… find out, as we turn Non-Horror to Horror on this week’s Elevator Pitch!

Ok, what about a talking head beer and pretzels podcast.. but GHOSTS!!

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[BLOG] Hatton’s Recent Indy Game Finds

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I make no apologies for my Steam buying habits. My stepson saw my amount of Steam games and blurted a Holy shit at the number – which at this very moment is a very respectable L33T

“How much money have you spent on video games…”

And where I’m never going to admit to my 15 year old while also trying to hold up the illusion of fiscal responsibility, the fact of the matter is that it isn’t as much as you may think. With very few exceptions I have never spent more than $40 on a game on Steam. The very rare top level title that I’m mega-hyped about like Baldur’s Gate? Sure. But aside from that, I couldn’t find the most recent and my best guess is Saints Row 4 in 2013.

If it’s a top-tier game that I’ve been excited about, I’ll spend $30 on the Game of the Year all DLC edition or a new smaller game I’m excited for. ..but if it’s $10 or below and may be enjoyable? I’ll spend it without question. If it’s a Humble Bundle 10 Games For $20 and I have interest in more than one of them… no brainer.

So let’s look at my last few months of smaller run games.

KING OF THE BRIDGE – You want to get across a bridge, but there’s a troll stopping you. A troll who wants to play chess, but only knows half of the rules and has made up the other half. He won’t tell you those rules until you break them and he’s going to cheat until you learn them.  It’s a short game that doesn’t overstay its welcome, and I’ve already told the developer I want a sequel with how fantastic the idea is.

MIMIC LOGIC – The chest to my left is lying. The chest to my right is lying. The two chests above me, one of them is lying. This chest has 0 mimics. This chest has 2 mimics.  Ok, now, figure out which one to open and not get eaten.  It’s fun, it’s quick, it tickles my logic brain, and it’s easy to pick up and put down except when you get super-frustrated and have to try it one more time.

BALATRO – Out of any of the games on the list, this is probably the one you’ve heard of, A deckbuilder, but with poker hands, but has nothing to do with poker? Unending unlockables for higher and higher tier difficulty layers.  Game combinations that come out of nowhere to make you an unstoppable flush machine? It’s brilliant and deserves its press.

20 SMALL MAZES – I believe this one is free, but it’s charming and easy to play and you understand exactly what it’s trying to do. Get through some mazes. Have fun. Smile. The end.

COGMIND – All of the games on this list have come out in the last few months…. except this one. This is a dungeon crawler roguelike that has been worked on for years upon years. You’re a robot building yourself up and learning the history of the world you keep dying in one lesson at a time. It’s a hard as nails rogue with a whole sci-fi dynamic you don’t often see in the genre and it’s a game that ends, not because you got blown up, but because you tried to hack a terminal, and while running from the security you tempt your luck on a newly constructed hallway that collapses in on you when you run out of energy so you have to ram your head against the wall until you die.  You know.. basic stuff..

So what are you playing?  Sound off in all the places.