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Episode 74 – Stranger Things

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It’s time for the boys to head umop apisdn.

In another in a long string of shows that everyobody must binge watch lest they feel the wrath of the nerdy portions of the internet, Hatton and Rob are no different and have succumbed to the newest and hottest streaming thing, Stranger Things.

So join them as they find themselves stepping sideways through the rift between this world and another, bringing along a mysterious new friend who might or might not have otherworldly powers…

Reminisce about all those things that the show reminded them of and join in the conversation here or on all of our social media.  Then, stick around for some important stuff at the end of the episode about the future of the Somethings and where else you might find them these days.

PS – Lookin for vinyl – Ask Hatton.
PS^2 – Looking for a neat shirt – Ask Rob.

Ok, here we stay or here we go, now…

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Episode 57 – Found Footage Films

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Step one – take a camera

Step two – strange and horrible things happen to you

Step three – PROFIT!

The Something’s heading off with nothing but their wits and a camera, with an episode all about Found Footage/Shaky Cam movies.  Whether it is a horrible creature tromping through the woods, or an urban legend coming to life in the woods, or a … why are all of these things in the woods?

Anyway – monsters, powers, mayhem galore on the just after Thanksgiving edition of the SomethingSomethingCast.

Note – We would like to thank Olivia Hennis of The Papercuts Podcast for her help with this episode. (And her show’s pretty rockin if you love young adult novels & films)

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Episode 55 – Horror Villain Battle Royale

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some..some..some…  thing..thing..thing…

We would like to play a game… and it’s BATTLE ROYAL: HORROR EDITION!  We’ve discussed our favorite creature features and villains in the past, but given it is a time for scary, it is time to look with a chainsaw sharp eye… if that was a thing.. and look at some of the greatest villains of movie-dom and pit them against each other in a discussion about who would stand tall at the end.  Whether you are sleeping on Elm St. or messing with a Puzzle Box, there is always a vacancy when it comes to Halloween.

(See what I did there?  Yeah, I’m kind of impressed with myself, too.)

Ok ScarySomethings… here we ghoul!

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Episode 31 – Creature Features

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We’re only a few short days from Halloween, so it is time for the Somethings to start looking under their bed, making sure that the doors are locked, and to seriously stop summoning the dark lords of the Underworld.

That’s right, to celebrate the haunting season, the boys are talking about some of their favorite movie creatures.  In the past they have talked about some of their favorite movies – but what about the dark creatures that linger in their favorite films?  From the biggest supernatural baddies to the creepiest of crawlies and all creatures in between… get ready – they’re hanging out at Wild Pig Comics and making podcast ‘magic”

Ok, here we ghoul…

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Episode 18 – Horror Authors

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Once upon an evenings podcast, joined with Dawn, our female bombast,
Going over authors from forgotten times of yore.
As we do we talked and stumbled, sometimes yelled and sometimes mumbled,
trying to sound professional but forgetting things we knew before.
Discussing writers that made us scream, in fear of some horrible demon
From the lowest to the King..
…only this and.. uhm… somethingsomething…

We want to thank Dawn from Bookshelf Bombshells and Head Over Feels for shouldering the majority of this episode with her well read sexiness!

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Update: We are now available on iTunes!  THAT’S RIGHT, Mr. Ichabod Tunes called me and verified we are official.  Thanks to friend Ty for getting us up.

Episode 14 – The Villain Episode

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What makes a character a villain? Is it the way they talk? Is it solely the sum of their actions? Perhaps it is the podcast they record?

Whatever the case may be, this week the Somethings talk about their favorite villains from all ends of media. From the darkest Sith on the block to the only man that can best Holmes, there is nothing that makes a hero more than his nemesis.

Ok, here we go…

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Parts on hold until someone tells me they use them. 

Episode 5 – Zombies!

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What happens when you take two vaguely interesting podcast hosts and pitch them into the zombie apocalypse? Oh, you are about to find out.. a’live on the top of a building in the middle of central New Jersey – the STCast decides there is no better time to inform you about the wild wonderful world of zombs.

Will the boys, and guest Roxy of Awesome: The Podcast, Punch & Pie, survive? YOU MUST LISTEN!

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Episode 3 – Book To Film

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On our first and only ever third episode, the SSC proves that we are well read by talking about the shows and movies that have been taken from book and put to film. There is way too much for us to cover, so we glance over popular things and discuss what we like.


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