Episode 4 – The Fast & The Furious

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We made it to number four, and now to give you the episode that more or less was the concept of this whole damn podcast. Listen as James & Rob talk about Vin Diesel more than two heterosexual men should.

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Supplemental Material:
So here’s a new feature that we’re going to try and remember to do as we continue along episodes. BONUS STUFF!

Here’s the pics of Rob’s 4 Horsemen designs:


robdeath robfamine

robpesti robwar

Hatton’s 7 Deadly Cars:

7deadlycars-slothx 7deadlycars-wrath

Lastly – when you get to the end of the episode, the song/sound you are hearing is a montage of gear shifts from the films.

Episode 3 – Book To Film

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On our first and only ever third episode, the SSC proves that we are well read by talking about the shows and movies that have been taken from book and put to film. There is way too much for us to cover, so we glance over popular things and discuss what we like.


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Episode 2 – Reboots & Remakes

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This time on the SSC (Look, we have an acronym!) – Rev James and Podcast Rob discuss movies that have been remade, rebooted, and re-enfranchised.  They give you their favorites, their most hated, and what they want to see come from Hollywood.


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Episode 1 – Sequels!

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This is the beginning of it all – Podcast Rob and Rev James talk for a good hour and a half, getting used to microphones in front of them and talking about movies.

We warn you – this episode is somewhat raw, and there are definitely some sound problems. Listen at your own peril.

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