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Episode 99 – Year Four, Expanded Universes

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Ok here we go… and go.. and go… and we are celebrating our Year 4.

Where in years gone by we have found our way to the fabulous Wildpig Comics, this year there just wasn’t a lot to discuss when it came to the comic universes.. so we decided to have an episode where we create our own.

So we got Bill Ellis, manager of Wildpig and longtime friend of the show and Jay Sandlinnew friend of the show and writer of Outbreak Mutiny, as well as a regular contributor to Buzzfeed! I’m also leaving a link here to this article, but you might want to wait til the end of the episode to click on it… trust us.

Let me (Hatton here) take a quick moment to say a thank you to every one of you that has listened over the years and has gotten us here. It is because of you folks that we do it and thanks for being there. As we crest our fourth year and our next episode is that big ol’ triple digit, it is stereotypical, but totally true, that without you, there would be no us. So thanks everyone.

Enough prattling – let’s get on with the show.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 96 – Theme Song Challenge (w/ Kyle from This Is Important)

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We all like ourselves a little bit of television.

We also like ourselves the earworms that lodge into your head for 30 minutes and beyond. So Hatton’s taken a few. Rob’s taken a few. And they are going head to head to find out who has the best line-up.

And a battle as important as this needs an important guest. So we got our friend and co-host of ‘THIS IS IMPORTANT‘, Kyle!

If you are looking to find other interesting and random things match up, be sure to check-out Steve & Kyle’s show, and get updates on their Twitter

For now though – find out who won the THEME MUSIC CHALLENGE!

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Episode 90 – Iron Fist

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As has become a tradition of the Somethingcast, we watch a lot of Netflix.

That’s not the tradition.. it’s a fact.. but it isn’t the tradition I’m speaking of.  I’m talking about when a new Marvel show appears on our queue, we call on the one and only @Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens. If you aren’t aware of Tim’s work at Marvel.com, just go.. we’ll wait.

But for a show like Iron Fist where there is so much to unpack, we needed someone to balance out our chi when it came to the martial arts featured in the show, so we also called in @KungFuDriveIn, himself, Jeof Vita. If you aren’t aware of Jeof’s podcast, Kung-Fu Drive-In, just go.. we’ll wait.

The four of us have been chosen to Defend you from what is to come next… unless you already watched Iron Fist. Then you’re beyond our help.

So spoilers abound, but no matter what… ok, here we go!

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Episode 89 – Voltron w/ Afterbuzz TV

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Five creatures of great power, united for a common goal.

I, of course, am talking about the folks over at AfterbuzzTV.

The Somethings are joined by the whole of the giant robot forming cast of their review and report show for Voltron: Legendary Defender. We have Katie Cullen, Mark Donica, Megan Salinas, Somethingcast old friends Emma Fyffe, and via chatroom Alexis Torres.

It is a loud and raucous affair, just how we like it.

So everybody, get ready!

AND I’LL FORM…. THE… Uhm… ….the… somehing.. ..you know.. the .. top part thinky thingy.

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Episode 87 – Andy Parks of Quixotic Games

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The Somethings know some people.

I mean, we’ve been around the world long enough to have collected a small and powerful group of friends… or at least people who keep cashing the check.

This week we have the honor and distinction to talking with friend and game designer Andy Parks of Quixotic games about his new Kickstarter, Dungeon Alliance.

Do you like board games? Do you like dungeons? Do you like beans? Do you like George Wendt?

Well two out of four of those are featured prominently in this episode.

Associated and important links:

Our music today deserves a plug too.. as Hatton discovered it, and it’s badass:
RichaadEB (ft. Josiah McDaniel)

Okay, here we go:

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A SomethingCast Special Report!

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Do not adjust the horizontal.

Do not adjust the vertical.

The following is an STST Special Report.

Ok, actually that is a bit heavy for what it really is.  We figured since this is our one show off a year, we would still give you something to keep you remembering us, and we went and found something from over the summer that you didn’t hear.  It isn’t long. And it’s all explained in the file.  So thanks to Marcus over at Deadpan Fury, Wow Geezo and the Nyrdcast… you’ll understand why in a minute.

Happy Holidays from the Somethings.

(Not A) Full Episode

Episode 83 – Christmas Party!

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♫ Oh you better watch out..
You better not cry…
You better listen to this episode
Or not.. whatever, I’m not your HR Rep 

Joining us from the IJOV – we have Marcus from Deadpan Fury, we have Eric from Two-Legged Tie, and we have Tony from Nyrdcast – and we decide to have ourselves a little Christmas Party.  What goes on from there is… well.. I would love to say it is an episode about our favorite Christmas memories and shows and movies, but it isn’t… it’s almost better.  It’s a bunch of idiots getting together and spreading some holiday buffoonery.

So enjoy everyone – and from Rob & Hatton, have a happy holidays.

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Episode 80 – Zombie Survival Team

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The Somethings decided that since it is the scaaaarrriest of holidays, we would go and give you a treat and not a trick this year, by releasing tomorrow’s episode for you today.  That way you can enjoy our spooooooky conversation while you are out haunting around.

So what is this episode about?  Well – take your top four fictional characters that you want by your side during the zombie apocalypse.  We take one from movies. One from television. One from book fiction. One wildcard.  And then we decide who would survive.

Now, you have to figure that James and Podcast Rob are both going to think their team is the strongest, so they got themselves a judge to solve who’s team is the best of the best.  None other than friend of the show, horror afficienado, from the Supernatural Department at Head Over Feels, Dawn!

So we know you are going to disagree with us… which means you should start a discussion below!

Ok, here we boo! (get it? ..because it’s… right.. you get it.. nevermind)

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Episode 79 – Luke Cage

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When Netflix calls – we move forward. Always forward.

You are correct, the boys are back with the newest installment in the Netflix Marvel Universe. We have seen what goes down in Hell’s Kitchen.  We have had our Alias investigated. Now it is time to check out who runs Harlem.

As has become a SomethingCast tradition, we can’t take on a character like Cage without a little help, so we brought our favorite dulcet toned delight, Tim ‘Ungaije’ Stevens (Check out his Psyche Ward at Marvel!).  Please settle in while we talk the history of the character, the concepts of the show, the connections with the Marvel U, and more.

How does Cage rank amongst the rest – now’s the time to find out with your Podcast For Hire.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 78 – Bad Movie Endings

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(And in a rare instance – both of us did an opening graphic!  Collect the whole set)

Not all movies are created equal. Some movies, from the get go, you watch them with full intent to laugh at the badness. Other movies you have high expectations for and they are everything you have ever wanted. They surpass your wildest dreams.

Then there those movies that, whether or not you expected it or not, the ending screws the pooch. Maybe it would have been a better movie with a different ending, or maybe the ending just tears down the journey.  Whatever the case is… bad endings are very different than bad movies, although they do love to walk hand in hand.

To attack this topic, we have brought in fellow podcasters, Octopus Caveman from Getting F*d Up With Octopus Caveman (amongst others) and the Green Korean from Faces & Aces, Las Vegas!

Get ready – here

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