Episode 34 – Christmas-ish Movies

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If feels like forever since the boys came at you with a new episode, I bet.  Well it’s been a few weeks, definitely… but now we’re back just in time to drink some Nog and sit around the warm glow of the television with some of our favorite Holiday’ish flicks.  Some of these movies are directly related to a holiday, but others insinuate it.  These are some of the best Christmas(y) sort of films we could come up with – or at least the ones we like.

Also, from James and Rob to all of you – have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to more Something’ing in 2015!

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Episode 33 – Boardgames!

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It’s a race, it’s a chase, hurry up and feed your face!

Ok, so that’s the best I can do to tie this episode to Thanksgiving.  The Somethings are coming to you with another nerd passion that has in recent years entered a golden age, board games!  Some folks stopped playing games when they were little kids, but guess what, those people are boring.  We’ve been rolling dice for a long time and we want to talk about some of our favorite old games, new games, and the universe of boardgaming that is close to our hearts.  So grab your Meeple, you’ll Boggle at the Monopoly we have! You Catan’t miss it!

Throughout the show we make mention of friends of the show, Quixotic Games and we wanted to point out their games in case you want to check them out:

From the Somethings to all of you – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Episode 32 – Cancelled Too Soon

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So there you are, you are watching your favorite show, and the cliffhanger was SO GOOD!  I mean, how is he going to escape from that thingy?! Is she REALLY having a baby?!  What’s happened to the President?!  IS THAT ALIENS!?  Seriously, we have watched tons of shows, where sometime in May, we’re asking those questions.. and then September hits and.. ..nothing.. nada… absolutely nothing.

Why?  Because television producers HATE you and want to see you cry on the internet.  The Somethings have collected your tears, and now we’re ready to share them with the world as we talk about shows that were taken from us before their time was up.

Let’s talk cancelled television – Ok, here we go!

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Episode 31 – Creature Features

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We’re only a few short days from Halloween, so it is time for the Somethings to start looking under their bed, making sure that the doors are locked, and to seriously stop summoning the dark lords of the Underworld.

That’s right, to celebrate the haunting season, the boys are talking about some of their favorite movie creatures.  In the past they have talked about some of their favorite movies – but what about the dark creatures that linger in their favorite films?  From the biggest supernatural baddies to the creepiest of crawlies and all creatures in between… get ready – they’re hanging out at Wild Pig Comics and making podcast ‘magic”

Ok, here we ghoul…

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Episode 30 – Bond, James Bond Part 2

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One year ago, the Somethings brought to you the first of a 35 part series – Bond, James Bond.  Well this time we’re covering Lazenby and Moore.  From the music to the gadgets to the Bond girls to the villains, the Somethings are going to shake you.. not stir you.  Wait, that makes us sound bad.  Nevermind, ignore that.  We’re going to Jaw your NickNacks…. you know what, I have nothing here, so I shall give you no Moore. …get it?   It’s the Bond episode, Part 2!

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If you are looking for Part 1, look no further: Bond, James Bond Part 1


One last thing – The Somethings have our Halloween episode all figured out, but we thought it would be cool if we invited you to help us decide what to do in November, so – if you have a Facebook account, CLICK HERE and vote on what topic you think we should hit up next.  Thanks!

Episode 29 – Bad Movies

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Somethings have a love of the finest of cheeses.  Whether it be a delicious action movie that is slathered with green screen or a science fiction romp that you can just smell the paint peeling in your living room as you watch it.  The Somethings are connoisseurs of this special brand of cheese…. the bad movie.

Now, we all have the movies we love that other people’s raise an eyebrow when you start quoting.  The simple fact that you know more than a single quote from an eyefeast such as Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon let alone can recite most of it in interpretive dance is confusing to a high percentage of the world.

Not us.

Join the boys as the topic today is the movies that you can’t help just love to love, even when nobody else gets it…. it’s time for some fun bad cinema.

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Episode 28 – Spin The Wheel: DragonLance!

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Sometimes the Somethings aren’t the most prepared of all podcasts. I mean, there are some shows out there that do tons of research and preprep and all that.. well, it should be known by now that the boys sometimes are a little more ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ kinda guys.

So, this week we try something altogether new… the RANDOM WHEEL OF STUFF!

I know the title & picture kinda gives it away, but try and act surprised anyway, ok?

If there is something that brings us all together it’s our collective love of nerddom, and nothing speaks to the deep spine of that nerdyness then books about elves, warriors, barbarians, dwarves, mages, and kender going on a mission to save the world!

Two footnotes: Given its obscurity, you can find our end of show song by Pyramaze, right here.

And lastly, Hatton is trying to push a new project – a Choose your Own Adventure for adults. He’s crowdfunding it, so it won’t happen without your help!  Give it a look at DecideYourFate.net

Okay, here we go!

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Episode 27 – Console Games!

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Our parents might have suggested that video games are a passing fad, but as most of us know, they have become the premier entertainment du jour for many, and the Somethings are no different.  Over the years we have all collected unending amount of time wasting bleepblorp machines, so why not stroll down video gaming memory lane with the boys as they talk console games.

Now, you might remember we talked COIN-OPs.. and one day we’ll talk COMPUTER.. but this is all about 8 bit 16 bit 32 bit PUNCH!  From NES to PS3, and everything in between.

Console Games coming atcha!

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Episode 26 – Robin Williams

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So Hatton & Rob were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t.  With a show ready to be recorded this week, they saw the sad news of the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams.  So what are two moderately amusing podcasters to do?  Wait a few weeks to do their tribute show and reopen the wound or do the show and fearfully ponder if they’ll get hit with the curse of ‘Too Soon’?

So they took their brand new logo, and threw caution to the wind, talking about their five favorite Robin movies.  They also spoke in the 3rd person for some reason.

Welcome to Year 2 of The SomethingSomethingCast.

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Episode 25 – The Marvel Movieverse, Pt. 2 [Live!]

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WHERE WE LAST LEFT THE SOMETHINGS – They were hanging out at WildPigComics with guests, Owner Chris Eberle, Manager & Webcomicker Bill Ellis, and Hatton’s wifey Madison talking about the Marvel Movieverse!

They discussed all the things that happened before. Phase 1. What we know. What we’ve seen. What has been etched into our collective reptillian nerd brain.  But what of things to come?  What of Phase 2 and the completely mythical and rumor-milled Phase 3!?

Join us once again for the second part of our 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular!


NOTE: As has been a theme of the first year of our show, technical difficulties always raise their pretty little heads, and there were times in the show where some microphones seemed to be at varying levels.  I’ve done my best to even out the sound so everyone is audible, but that also has increased a certain amount of ambient noise.  This will be fixed in future 1 year celebrations. – J

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