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Episode 15 – The New Who Review

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The Somethings have taken on companions and we are traveling back to the halcyon days of 2005 when an oft referenced, fondly remembered, BBC show came back to the world.  It has nearly been 10 years since, and the science fiction nerd world hasn’t been the same since.

Join Hatton, Podcast Rob, Madison, and Dawn of Bookshelf Bombshells as we traverse the unending universe, following around a strange man in a box that seems to be bigger on the inside.

The Somethings are back with the New Who Review!

Ok, here we go…

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Parts on hold until someone tells me they use them. 

Episode 5 – Zombies!

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What happens when you take two vaguely interesting podcast hosts and pitch them into the zombie apocalypse? Oh, you are about to find out.. a’live on the top of a building in the middle of central New Jersey – the STCast decides there is no better time to inform you about the wild wonderful world of zombs.

Will the boys, and guest Roxy of Awesome: The Podcast, Punch & Pie, survive? YOU MUST LISTEN!

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