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[FIXED] Favorite & Least Favorite Wrestling Finishers (w/ Mark B. Donica)

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NOTE – Thank you to all of you that reached out due to our first post for this file had a sound error. This one should be better.

Well, it’s been a big rasslin week around the watering hole, which is perfect timing for us, because the Somethings are going back to the ring.. that’s right, we’re All Elite… we’re World Wide… we’re UWA Elite (where you can hear Hatton call the action!) We’re Total Nonstop. We’re… Ring Honoring and we’re Shimmering our way through a DOUBLE WIDE episode of the SomethingSomethingcast.

Joining us to discuss our favorite and least favorite finishing holds is friend of the show, host of the One Piece show the Yayo Talkshow – as well as a contributor to wrestling and nerddom all across the internet, you may have seen him most recently as the reporter in Buddy Matthews mysterious videos after leaving WWE – it’s Mark B Donica! (Twitter, Insta, Twitch)

The Pedigree of this episode has an X-Factor that is simply going to Stun you to Rock Bottom…… Spinarooni


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[Something In Review] Loki w/ Tim Stevens

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Welcome to the Something Variance Authority. 

Please sign-in by clicking the link below where all of the opinions and ideas about the most recent Diz show, Loki will be revealed. If you bump into your own self, don’t stress it, it’s cool.. and yes, it’s ok if you make out with them. We here at the Something Variance Authority are totally ok with it.

That’s right Somethings, we’re heading into the Marvelverse again, but this time we’re bringing back a Something Alum – one of our favorite people in the world. None other than @UnGajje himself, Tim Stevens.  After you are done listening – go check out Tim’s work on The Spool (@TheSpool on Instagram & Twitter) as it is a certifiable fact that you’ll want more of the entertainment this man provides. 

So welcome to a fixed location in time. The rest of the future is mutable, but you – here – listening – is clearly something you shouldn’t mute. 

Ready? Loki here we go!

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[The Wheel] The Quest Predictions (w/ The Paladins)

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It should be no surprise that the Somethings love the 2014 reality game – The Quest. We were only given one season, but it has kept a rabid cult fanbase begging for it to be revisited. 

Over the years, we have had the honor to become friends with some of the Paladins, so with a new Quest series coming to Disney Plus, it only felt right to head back to Everealm again and make some predictions about what is to come.

We are thrilled to welcome back to the show, Paladins Jasmine, Jim, and Patrick – as we discuss what adventures they have gone on since their journey, and what they are looking forward to when it comes to what a new threat will have to be defeated by a new team of Paladins.  So, sharpen your swords and load up your scorpions – we’re sending messages to the Fates themselves as we talk about The Quest Season 2.

And if you are interested in what the Paladins have been up to – you can find them here:
Paladin Jasmine – Twitter: TolkienBlkGirl – Chaste Treasure : ChasteTreasure.com
Paladin Jim – Twitter: JimTheLibrarian – Facebook: PaladinJimCurry
Paladin Patrick – Twitter: PQHiggins – DeviantArt: PaladinPatrickWar Dragons (IOS)
The Quest Army – Twitter: TheQuestArmy  – Insta : thequestarmy_offical

But now – let’s get to the good stuff – Ok, here we go!

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[Throwback] Doctor Who/ Sherlock Christmas Special

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Remember back when the must-see event of any Christmas season was Doctor Who and Sherlock? We do, and we sometimes think back to those halcyon days of the early 2010s and remember fondly sitting around the hearth with our kin and arguing blitheringly about whether or not they were good.

That’s precisely what we do here, from Episode 59 where we hung out with Meredith Placko and Emma Fyffe and talked about the 2016 BBC specials.

So settle in, get your nog, and join us for some YuleTide Nitpicking, in the way only the Somethings could make charming…

Ok, here we Ho! Ho! Ho!

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In Review: Sleepy Hollow (w/ Silver Screams!)

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October Continues!

Themed around the scary and horror-tastic, we are here with this month’s Review, and since we’re talking scary – who better to get than the scare-tacular friends of the Somethings,Megan and Katie of the Silver Screams (@Silver_Screams)

Which brings us to what we are reviewing… and we decided to dive into a oft-overlooked and forgotten movie from the late 90s, arguably the ‘before & after’ moment for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – Sleepy Hollow

So lets dive into a horror mystery and find out who is the Headless Horseman, and whether this movie has held the test of time.

Okay, here we boo!

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Favorite Moments in Horror (w/ Fear!)

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It’s October, and we know that is a favorite of so many of you out there – whether it is the cool crisp fall air, the badass costumes, or the unrelenting dread of a world outside the doors we haven’t opened since we ran out of hummus last week….. OCTOBER!

To celebrate this horrorific month, we are bringing you our favorite moments in horror – and to give us some of that good ol’ fashion scare cred, we have invited Fear from The World According to Fear & MDI (Also on Youtube) to help talk about not the greatest moments IN horror, but our favorites…

Grab your candy corn and your dentist’s business card and

Okay, here we boo!

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Something in Review: SOLO REDUX (w/ Big Kev & Erik)

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We got a message not so long ago from our good friend Big Kev, of a show you might remember, Big Kev’s Geek Stuff, now far flung years into the future with Geek Stuff: TNG (@GeekStuffTNG) – and a conversation about Solo broke out.

You see, Rob and I have mixed opinions on Solo… was it good? Was it good enough? Was it just nostalgic pablum?

The battle lines have been drawn… on the Somethingside, myself and Rob. On the side of the defense, we have not only Big Kev, but actor and long time friend of the Somethings and New Jersey actor Erik A.

So settle in and make your opinions known – it’s time for a
Something In Review: REDUX

Ok, here we go!

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Hot Takes w/ Gutting the Sacred Cow

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Not everybody likes everything.. I mean, Hatton goes out of his way to watch Asylum Films, and Podcast Rob enjoys Kiss. Sometimes, people can’t help it.

Well, if we’re going to be talking about Hot Takes on things, we needed two friends to come join in the party – so we got fellow ACPN.NET posse, Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel, the hosts of Gutting The Sacred Cow to hang out and take down some big opinions.

Take a listen – agree – disagree – and then head over to their show and tell them we sent you.

We talk Star Wars, DC, Die Hard, and a whole lot more… Ready to fight?

Ok, here we go!

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#PodcastBlackout w/ Gordon Baker-Bone

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With the state of things, it didn’t feel right or respectful to post Rob and I talking about our usual pop culture nonsense. Instead, we are taking part in #PodcastBlackout by talking less and listening more.

Joining us this week is stand-up comedian and New Jersey native, Gordon Baker-Bone talking about the murder of George Lloyd, racism past present and future, and what we can do to help today and tomorrow. You can find Gordon on Instagram and Twitter and you most definitely should.

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Period Pieces w/ Meredith Placko

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Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should.

Sometimes, the Somethings need a little cultural – and given that normally they are as cultured as a strep throat test, they need to bring in the big guns.

Joining the boys this week is the long-time friend of the show, Meredith Placko – host, geek of all colors, and one half of the model paint powerhouse TurboDork. One of her nerddom dujours is historical fashion – so it felt like she was the prime candidate as we get down and discuss Period Films.

So get yourself some absinthe, a powdered wig, a ten pound bag of boning, and get ready to talk about the past!

Ok, here we go!

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