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[BLOG] A Little Something Extra, Rob’s Great Scenes From Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

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I love me some movies.  I also love me some well filmed movies.  Even better?  Movies that have scenes that just, for one reason or another, stick with you for years after you watch them.  With that in mind, here’s some of mine.

Immediately hired by White Wolf

Near Dark
End Chase.  Near Dark is a great vampire movie, and while there are a number of good scenes in it, the image of Jesse and Diamondback in the station wagon, huddled under blankets to block the sun, smiling as they smoulder and start to catch fire as they try to run over Caleb is just a great visual scene.

Cesar’s Death.  Bound is another movie that is chock-full of great scenes, but the best one for me is Cesar’s death.  The top-down camera angle as it pulls back and we see Cesar, his blood pooling into the large puddle of white paint, then pulling back further and the white paint puddle framed by the dark floor… the way it was filmed, the contrast… it reminds me of the scene in The Untouchables after Capone killed that guy with a bat at the banquet table, just some great cinematography.

Welcome… to the Rock

Men With Brooms
“The Juggernaut’s Entrance”.  Years ago, after seeing curling for the first time on the Olympics, a friend of mine and I found a place in NJ and took lessons.  It was there we learned about a fun little movie called ‘Men With Brooms’.  If you’ve played curling or are familiar with it, this movie is great, and the cast is pretty impressive.  The scene I loved the most was when Alexander “The Juggernaut” Yount and his squad enter the bonspiel in matching silver lamé tracksuits with cheerleaders and pyro going off at the entrance.  The fact that curling in and of itself is such a subdued/great sportsmanship sport made their entrance scene completely hilarious.

28 Days Later
Deserted London.  I know you’ve probably seen this movie, but I had to include it for the scenes of deserted London.  It wasn’t a huge scene to be honest, established to get the point across of how empty everything was… but the scenes of London Bridge… just… EMPTY… it hit on a scale of not only what kind of undertaking it was to get that scene filmed, but how absolutely terrifying it would be to be in that position of being there and just… being completely alone. 

…I don’t think this is the right image…

Ghost Dog
Sidewalk scene.  This is a visually amazing movie from Jim Jarmusch with Forest Whitaker in the lead.  There’s a scene in the movie where he’s walking down a fairly busy sidewalk while people and businesses are interacting around him and.. the cinematography is nothing short of stunning in my opinion.  The way that people are talking to each other, bringing trash to the curb, waving to people driving by… but do so in a way that NONE of them actually make visual contact with Whitaker as he walks… one pace… never changing speed…it was such an amazing way to show how his character walks through society under the radar.

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Bad ‘Book to Movie’ Movies

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Sometimes, a good movie comes out and you find out that it came from a book! Sometimes it goes an entire other way – where you see a movie and you wonder what kind or source material could have birthed such madness… or the worst of the worst… you love the book, and the movie you get doesn’t even come close to the experience you had with words on paper.

Those are the ones we’re talking about today – movies that nobody would mind if we got a re-try on. Movies that just didn’t do any of their words justice and the things we love and hate about them.

Before we start, we would like to tell you to check out our friends at Quixotic Games brand new Kickstarter for the CORE WORLDS sequel and its expansion. CORE WORLDS: EMPIRES and NEMESIS are going live on 02/02/21, and you don’t want to miss out!

Ok, here we snow! (a day early!)

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[Wheel] Elevator Pitch: Movie Mash-Up

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We are back live and streaming with our first hang-out party of the year – and what are we discussing? Well we’re going to an old favorite of ours, THE WHEEL! Which is a series of topics that now can appear randomly!

So we spin the wheel, make some deals, and Mash-Up two different movie franchises to make one brand new series to see whether we can get it pitched to the invisible director we are somehow stuck in an elevator with.

Want to join the party next time, head to TWITCH and follow so you don’t miss out!

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Top Movie Deaths

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Before you get to our first brand new episode of 2021 – take a minute and head to our website somethingcast.com and take a look at the new layout. After 200+ episodes, we decided it was time to get with the program and instead of a regular old WordPress blog, we were going to go with a highly edited WordPress blog with new features all over the place.

Be sure to check back on Thursday for one that we’re super excited about, but you won’t see on your Podcast feed.

Now though – settle in, because as we’ve seen 2020 come to an end, the boys want to talk about some of their favorite movie deaths.. from the horrific to the tremendous, here are a bunch of characters who died in neat ways.

Ok, here we go!

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Where Are They Now? – The Malfoys

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We told you that new things were coming, and new things are arriving. Two weeks ago, we gave you ‘What Would We Have Done’ and this week we are showing off another of our new features, ‘Where Are They Now’ where Rob and I discuss the fictional futures of characters you’ve come to know…

This month, we are taking on the Malfoy’s, that reviled family that sat on the wrong side of history in the battle of Hogwarts and beyond.

Where are they now? What happened to them? Well, settle in – you are about to find out in Where Are They Now? The Malfoys

Ok, here we go!

Note: Thank you all for letting us know there were some sound cue errors – they have been corrected.

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Something In Review – Enola Holmes

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Now that we are eke’ing our way beyond the Halloween Thunderdome and getting prepped for all the fixings of Thanksgiving with a jolly fatman on the horizon, it’s time for all the Netflix shows to start thundering through.

This one, in particular, seemed like it may be up the Somethings alley… we dig Sherlock, we think Millie Bobbie Brown does good work, and hey, the Witcher! So join us as we dive in to the new Netflix flick about the turn of the century Encyclopedia Brown – Enola Holmes, on In Review!

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In Review: Sleepy Hollow (w/ Silver Screams!)

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October Continues!

Themed around the scary and horror-tastic, we are here with this month’s Review, and since we’re talking scary – who better to get than the scare-tacular friends of the Somethings,Megan and Katie of the Silver Screams (@Silver_Screams)

Which brings us to what we are reviewing… and we decided to dive into a oft-overlooked and forgotten movie from the late 90s, arguably the ‘before & after’ moment for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – Sleepy Hollow

So lets dive into a horror mystery and find out who is the Headless Horseman, and whether this movie has held the test of time.

Okay, here we boo!

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Favorite Moments in Horror (w/ Fear!)

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It’s October, and we know that is a favorite of so many of you out there – whether it is the cool crisp fall air, the badass costumes, or the unrelenting dread of a world outside the doors we haven’t opened since we ran out of hummus last week….. OCTOBER!

To celebrate this horrorific month, we are bringing you our favorite moments in horror – and to give us some of that good ol’ fashion scare cred, we have invited Fear from The World According to Fear & MDI (Also on Youtube) to help talk about not the greatest moments IN horror, but our favorites…

Grab your candy corn and your dentist’s business card and

Okay, here we boo!

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Something in Review: SOLO REDUX (w/ Big Kev & Erik)

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We got a message not so long ago from our good friend Big Kev, of a show you might remember, Big Kev’s Geek Stuff, now far flung years into the future with Geek Stuff: TNG (@GeekStuffTNG) – and a conversation about Solo broke out.

You see, Rob and I have mixed opinions on Solo… was it good? Was it good enough? Was it just nostalgic pablum?

The battle lines have been drawn… on the Somethingside, myself and Rob. On the side of the defense, we have not only Big Kev, but actor and long time friend of the Somethings and New Jersey actor Erik A.

So settle in and make your opinions known – it’s time for a
Something In Review: REDUX

Ok, here we go!

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Hot Takes w/ Gutting the Sacred Cow

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Not everybody likes everything.. I mean, Hatton goes out of his way to watch Asylum Films, and Podcast Rob enjoys Kiss. Sometimes, people can’t help it.

Well, if we’re going to be talking about Hot Takes on things, we needed two friends to come join in the party – so we got fellow ACPN.NET posse, Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel, the hosts of Gutting The Sacred Cow to hang out and take down some big opinions.

Take a listen – agree – disagree – and then head over to their show and tell them we sent you.

We talk Star Wars, DC, Die Hard, and a whole lot more… Ready to fight?

Ok, here we go!

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