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Episode 27 – Console Games!

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Our parents might have suggested that video games are a passing fad, but as most of us know, they have become the premier entertainment du jour for many, and the Somethings are no different.  Over the years we have all collected unending amount of time wasting bleepblorp machines, so why not stroll down video gaming memory lane with the boys as they talk console games.

Now, you might remember we talked COIN-OPs.. and one day we’ll talk COMPUTER.. but this is all about 8 bit 16 bit 32 bit PUNCH!  From NES to PS3, and everything in between.

Console Games coming atcha!

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Episode 19 – CoinOp Games

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Two Podcasters Need Food Badly!


That’s right, the Somethings are going back to a time where you would put quarters on the screen to tell people you were next.  A time when people stood in front of screens and dropped crazy amounts of money to have lights and sounds blare into their face while they tried to get a plumber to find some dame in a castle.  Crazy right?  Thankfully we’ve evolved wayyyy past that.

Welcome to our episode about old school coin operated arcade games!

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