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Lego Masters w/ Jessica Ragzy Ewud

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Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should.

There’s a new show that has become must-seeTV for Hatton & PCR, and it is Lego Masters (on Fox & Hulu). Every week, teams of two are competing building crazy Lego builds and only one team is going to come out on top.

Well, our guest this week just so happens to be one of the competitors who has been killing it with her teammate Sam. Jessica Ragzy Ewud (ragzyart.com) joins us to talk about Lego Masters, the art world, and a whole lot more…

So get yourself a pair of headphones, a box of bricks, and listen while you build…

Ok, here we go!

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Something In Review: Dracula

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♫ Creature of the niiiiight….

That’s right – it’s time for the Somethings to deep deep deep dive into the BBC’s newest horror piece, Dracula.

We can’t do it alone – so we got ahold of one of the Something Alums in Megan Salinas (@TheMenguin) – cohost of Silver Screams and No Love Lost

Is this the same powerhouse that was Jekyll? It’s got the same team, as well as longtime Dr. Who showrunner in Stevan Moffat… so why don’t we take a ship across the country and tell you all what Hatton & PCR think.

Ok, here we Count Blah!

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TTRPG Party w. B. Dave Walters

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Before we get to the episode, we just want to mention a charity that our guest this week mentions: GAMES FOR LOVE, a charity that provides not just games, but camps for programming and coding, to kids in hospitals around the world to ease their stresses through gaming. Please, give it a look and a share.

On to the matter at hand… Tabletop RPG is in a new heyday… all those years where the only problem with sitting and rolling dice with friends was that you couldn’t get people together – well now, you can watch roleplayers roleplay all over the internet!

If you do dig on streaming tabletop, you have probably heard of our guest, B. Dave Walters aka Victor Temple on LA By Night, a canonical Vampire: The Masquerade game streaming with Geek & Sundry (If you haven’t watched, you can start right here!) They have just started their new Chapter, which you can watch live on Friday nights – or B. Dave Storytelling his game on Queue Times.

Where else can you find him.. where CAN’T you!?
Twitter: @BDaveWalters
Instagram: @BDavewalters/
Patreon: @BDavewalters

Now though, on with the party…

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The End – Lost

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For the last of our Year Six celebrations, we are going back…. but this time, to the end.

That’s right, the Somethings are back and they are flying on an Oceanic Flight with the last episode of the show that started a thousand arguments… Lost.

But we’re not going alone, oh no no no, if we’re going to face the Smoke Monster and the strange purgatory-not-purgatory spiritual-not-spiritual culmination of the ‘is it faith or is it science or is it Memorex’ island… we got long time show friends Rick & Sarah of AwesomeTalk TV. So after you’re done here, go see their newest episode over on YouTube!

But right now.. settle in.. it’s one more number in the Valenzetti Equation.. it’s … The End: Lost.

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Year 6 – Strangererer Things

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The Somethings are celebrating their 6th Year with some friends!

That’s right, to bring in our next 52 weeks of funny, we have brought in long time friends of the show PRL.

Matt, Joe, and Becky have been with us for a long time and we are thrilled to get their input on what’s going on in the Upside Down as we talk about this year’s edition of the Strangest of all Things: STRANGER THINGS.

So settle in for an extra long episode that most definitely stays completely on topic – and then go listen in as PRL get themselves ready for their relaunch.

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Note – Friend of the show and regular guest Alexis Torres is currently going through some medical issues. You can read all of the details at her GoFundMe. In support of our friend, all profits from items purchased from our TeePublic store will be donated. Get well soon Alexis.

Episode 132 – Comics Watching Comics w/ Kevin Gootee

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Do you enjoy comics? Do you enjoy the off-stage opinions of comics?

Well we have show friend Kevin Gootee (@KevinGootee) back talking about his Amazon Prime series, now in its 7th season, Comics Watching Comics. Featuring all new comics, all new critique, but even more funny. So Kevin hangs out with the Somethings and we talk not just comedy, but pop culture, movies, sports and more.

And when you’re done, go check out Season 7 on Amazon Prime

Also, please check out Livestream For The Cure on May 17th – 19th – great people with a great cause. We’ll be on Saturday, May 18th from 9:30pm-10pm, but we encourage you to check out all the great shows and segments streaming that weekend!

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Episode 124 – Toxic Fandom

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Let’s paint a mind picture.

You enjoy a thing.. perhaps a podcast where two schmucks from NJ babble incoherently twice a month (with more on the way).  You go to the comment section and realize that the uber-fans are gatekeeping your ability to comment about what your favorite episode is. They’ve already made the decision that it’s ‘One Hit Wonders‘ and any attempt to argue that is brought about with name calling and assumptions about not only your taste, but your class as a human.

That’s toxic fandom, and maybe… if perhaps you’ve been on the internet and enjoyed anything ever… you’ve probably bumped into it.

So join the boys as we settle in with some of our favorite people, from Afterbuzz.Tv, Megan Salinas (@TheMenguin) and Katie Cullen (@Kiaxet)! From some of the blowback on Voltron Season 7, to being female nerds on the internet, they have seen their fair share of toxicity

So settle in, grab your pitchforks, and avoid Tumblr at all costs…. and when you’re done be sure to check out their Youtube channel Silver Screams

Ok, here we go…

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Episode 122 – Hanging w. Kyle Hester

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The Somethings are in the same studio for the first time in a long time. For such a momentous occasion, we have gotten ourselves a fantastic guest in the way of Kyle Hester.(@KyleDHester) Now,you might not be aware of Kyle, but you will be soon. With multiple movies on their way to your streaming and movie viewing world. Today, he is promoting Preacher Six (@PreacherSix), an action-creature-intense feast. Before you dive in to the episode, check out the trailer below, and help them wi0th their last round of crowdfunding to make their dream a reality!

We talk movies, sports, the hard journey of Hollywood, and Kyle helps us out with a new feature: Wheel vs. Wheel!

You ready? Check out all things Preacher Six.

Ok, here we go…

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Episode 118 – Infinity War

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First off. SPOILERS

I mean, there won’t be any in this paragraph, but in this episode – we barely get 3 minutes in before we’re all ‘Thanos killed Dumbledore’ and ‘Captain America was Bruce Willis the whole time’.  It’s like we have done our best to keep our silence to wait for this very episode!

And better than bursting with excitement, just the two of us, we brought along some friends!

We have Kristel (Twitter: @yeagerkristel) and Nicole (Twitter: @nicole4783) from Two Girls, One Mic, which you can find on the Geeks World Wide Podcast Network (thegww.com) and they hang with us and talk about our favorite moments, the moments that fell short, and nerd out over the decade it took for us to get here.

So grab your Tesseract, snap your fingers, and ok, here we go!

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Episode 113 – The Cloverfield Paradox

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It was the night of the biggest sports game in the country. Millions upon millions watched the one team go and defeat the other one. There was a bird one and a soldier one or something like that. Anyway, a commercial popped up informing everyone that right after the ball was done being foot’d, Netflix was going to take over millions of living rooms with the third in the Cloverfield Series.

So with social media abuzz over it, of course the Somethings watched it and have opinions!

So how was it? What was it? How does it relate? Did JJ Abrams give us another Super 8, or another Lost?

Joining us this week to talk all things Clover are old Something Friends, Katie Cullen (@kiaxet) & Megan Salinas (@themenguin) from both AfterBuzz TV and their horror podcast, Silver Screams (@silver_screams) which you can find on Youtube!

So strap in to the first big viral sensation of the year and see how it ranks.

Also – don’t forget about our new sponsor: Quixotic Games and their new game Dungeon Alliance, available for order at your local gaming spot.

Ok here we go!

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