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The End #6 – Gilligan’s Island

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Oh sit right back and you’ll hear a tale – tale of a podcast that discusses the end of things..

So be sure to join us each week my friends – but this week, we have no rhyme scheme and we’re discussing the island adventure that is – Gilligan’s Island!

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Somethingcast 128 – Wrestling Themes

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What makes a superstar in professional?  Is it a huge finisher?  Is it the best tagline?

Well one of the things that is always memorable is a good old fashioned kick-ass theme song.

So the boys are going back in the ring to discuss themselves a little rasslin, but in this episode – it’s all about the music that makes the performer.

So if it comes crashing down and it hurts inside… you gotta take a stand, and ok, here we go!

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The End #2 – 90210

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Closing out October, it’s time to revisit our final show of the new SomethingSeason… and given this is the season of horror, we bring to you one of the scariest television shows of all time – in its last moment – in its dying breath.

We’re going to Beverly Hills (because that’s where we wanna be), 90210 – this month… on THE END

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Episode 119 – Classic Toys

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We roll down stairs, roll better in pairs,
We’ve come to hijack your brain…

Whether it’s a slinky or a log, the boys are back and they brought alllll their toys with them, and unlike that little shit Denny across the street who’s parents got him the knock-off Gobots that don’t actually transform into anything, we’ve come to share!

So what were the things that you fondly remember as the toys of your youth? The dolls, figures, projects, and games that you occasionally see on listicles and go, ‘AWW MAN, I HAD THOSE!’ and then find out that the piece you remember fondly sticking up your nose is now worth a cool grand in mint condition.

So be careful not to step on a Lego…
Ok, here we go!

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Episode 106 – Stranger Things 2

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It’s time to go back to the umop apisdn (that doesn’t work if you use a weird font) ..anyway, it’s time to head on back and see what’s going on in the eeriest of Indiana’s – that’s right, Netflix’s bingers dream has returned for nine more episodes of small town life with a Lovecrafty spin.

So find out what the boys thought about the return of all of the kids we know with a few folks we were equal parts thrilled and horrified to see.

So get your eggos and settle in – it’s time to get our paddles.

Ok, here we demigo!

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102 – Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

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After 3 big episodes in a row, the boys are hanging back for a little and catching their breath.

What that means is you get to dive into one from the secret archives of the Somethings, where you get all new material, we did the same amount of work, but we did it before now! It’s amazing. It’s like magic.

I’ll tell you that the above sentence has more magic in it than this movie.

There are a lot of classic Star Wars rips, but Starchaser might be the most forgotten.. not because it is obscure or bad or an obvious cash-in… it’s because it is all three.

We promise, you don’t need to see the movie to enjoy this episode. Hell, you’ll likely enjoy the movie more if you don’t watch it.


Ok, here we go!

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Episode 97 – The SomethingSomethingCast Retrospective

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And now for something a little different… and by different, we mean the same.. sort of.

The boys have been doing the show for just about 4 years, so why not take a look back with us. Hatton and Rob talk about how it began, and some of the adventures on the way.

And on that note, we just want to thank you for being with us on this adventure. Rob and I can’t tell you enough how it is you guys who have made this show what it is and drives it forward – so we look forward to our 4th Wild Pig Party as well as everything that is to come. Thanks.

And now, you know what happens next.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 96 – Theme Song Challenge (w/ Kyle from This Is Important)

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We all like ourselves a little bit of television.

We also like ourselves the earworms that lodge into your head for 30 minutes and beyond. So Hatton’s taken a few. Rob’s taken a few. And they are going head to head to find out who has the best line-up.

And a battle as important as this needs an important guest. So we got our friend and co-host of ‘THIS IS IMPORTANT‘, Kyle!

If you are looking to find other interesting and random things match up, be sure to check-out Steve & Kyle’s show, and get updates on their Twitter

For now though – find out who won the THEME MUSIC CHALLENGE!

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Episode 94 – Highlander

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♫ Here we are… born to cast pods… ♫

That’s right, it’s time for one of those shows that was inevitable. It’s Clan Hatton & Clan McRob as we talk about one of the most long-legged, long-lived, fantasy… sci-fi *sigh* series that defined many a’geek.

It’s Highlander time!

So grab your katana and beware the planet Zeist.. the boys are Gathering.

And if you worry about anything.. just realize.. it’s a kind of magic!

PS: We still have our first sponsor, be sure to check out AudibleTrial.com/something for great audiobooks and a bonus!

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Episode 91 – MST3k

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♫ In the not too distant future…
On Thursday on Netflix…

The Mads are at it again! This time, they’ve taken the Somethings hostage and before they can be set free they have to review their favorite episodes of the B-Movie-Riffathon of MST3k!

Ok, so there are no Mad Scientists. There’s no SOL. There’s simply an episode of your favorite podcast. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a topic after their own heart, and with the new season coming out Thursday on Netflix, no better time to talk about it!

So repeat to yourself it’s just a show, and you should really just relax… unless you listen to us in your car. Then don’t relax, that would be horrible.

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