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[The Wheel] Predictions: Marvel Phase 4

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It’s time for another adventure with the WHEEL!

With a myriad of topics and journeys for the Somethings to go on, what is it this week? Well the answer is right there in the title, but you should still act surprised.

From WandaVision to Dr. Strange, the Young Avengers, X-Men, and all of the movies pushed back – we are going to talk about what might be coming next for the House of Ideas.

Don’t forget to check out our friends at Quixotic Games brand new Kickstarter for the CORE WORLDS sequel and its expansion. CORE WORLDS: EMPIRES and NEMESIS that are not only live, but almost to goal!

Ok, here we Mephisgo!

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[Wheel] Elevator Pitch: Movie Mash-Up

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We are back live and streaming with our first hang-out party of the year – and what are we discussing? Well we’re going to an old favorite of ours, THE WHEEL! Which is a series of topics that now can appear randomly!

So we spin the wheel, make some deals, and Mash-Up two different movie franchises to make one brand new series to see whether we can get it pitched to the invisible director we are somehow stuck in an elevator with.

Want to join the party next time, head to TWITCH and follow so you don’t miss out!

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Where Are They Now? – The Malfoys

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We told you that new things were coming, and new things are arriving. Two weeks ago, we gave you ‘What Would We Have Done’ and this week we are showing off another of our new features, ‘Where Are They Now’ where Rob and I discuss the fictional futures of characters you’ve come to know…

This month, we are taking on the Malfoy’s, that reviled family that sat on the wrong side of history in the battle of Hogwarts and beyond.

Where are they now? What happened to them? Well, settle in – you are about to find out in Where Are They Now? The Malfoys

Ok, here we go!

Note: Thank you all for letting us know there were some sound cue errors – they have been corrected.

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What We Would Have Done: Dexter

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We’re trying something new! It’s kind of hard to explain, but here I go…

Some shows or movies or something er another end poorly. Some, in fact, ended years before their last episode… so we thought, what would WE have done?

Oh, it’s actually pretty easy to explain.. nevermind.

Anyway, we’re taking down the story of a man who murders and the people that love him. We’re taking him away from his lumberjacking ways and letting the world know – WHAT WE WOULD HAVE DONE…. with DEXTER!

Ok, here we go…

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Episode 95 – Spin The Wheel: Taglines!

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It’s time again for everybody’s favorite SomethingGimmick! THE WHEEL OF THINGS!

The last time, the Somethings talked on about Dragonlance. This time it’s a contest episode.

We’ve done movie posters before, but what about that one little sentence that tries to drag you into the flick?

He was a flint. She was a steel. Sparks fly when they meet. 

So can we figure out movies based on those short snippits?  Oh, there’s only one way to find out!

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 28 – Spin The Wheel: DragonLance!

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Sometimes the Somethings aren’t the most prepared of all podcasts. I mean, there are some shows out there that do tons of research and preprep and all that.. well, it should be known by now that the boys sometimes are a little more ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ kinda guys.

So, this week we try something altogether new… the RANDOM WHEEL OF STUFF!

I know the title & picture kinda gives it away, but try and act surprised anyway, ok?

If there is something that brings us all together it’s our collective love of nerddom, and nothing speaks to the deep spine of that nerdyness then books about elves, warriors, barbarians, dwarves, mages, and kender going on a mission to save the world!

Two footnotes: Given its obscurity, you can find our end of show song by Pyramaze, right here.

And lastly, Hatton is trying to push a new project – a Choose your Own Adventure for adults. He’s crowdfunding it, so it won’t happen without your help!  Give it a look at DecideYourFate.net

Okay, here we go!

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