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Episode 78 – Bad Movie Endings

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(And in a rare instance – both of us did an opening graphic!  Collect the whole set)

Not all movies are created equal. Some movies, from the get go, you watch them with full intent to laugh at the badness. Other movies you have high expectations for and they are everything you have ever wanted. They surpass your wildest dreams.

Then there those movies that, whether or not you expected it or not, the ending screws the pooch. Maybe it would have been a better movie with a different ending, or maybe the ending just tears down the journey.  Whatever the case is… bad endings are very different than bad movies, although they do love to walk hand in hand.

To attack this topic, we have brought in fellow podcasters, Octopus Caveman from Getting F*d Up With Octopus Caveman (amongst others) and the Green Korean from Faces & Aces, Las Vegas!

Get ready – here

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Episode 77 – Martial Arts Movies

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A New Challenger Has Joined The Battle!



That’s right – we’re back and we’re bringing a sparring partner in Jeof from Kung-Fu Drive-In to talk about the best in movies about people hitting each other.

So movie your feetsa to Daddy Green’s Pizza and get ready to Enter The Cast!

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Episode 73 – Alien Movies

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The Somethings are looking up to the heavens and hoping to catch a glimpse of something interstellar.

That’s right, we’re heading to the stars and it doesn’t matter if it’s little green men, crazy overly huge spaceships, the greys, or one naked hot blonde chick.. now that the aliens are here, we are going to discuss the hell out of them.

But what are two men versus the hordes of intergalactic perils that await us?

We brought back-up.  Joining us are the boys from Alien Theorist Theorizing. If there is going to be any show out there that can help, it will be them.

What’s your favorite alien invasion – or simply your favorite alien – let us know… but do it after you have a close encounter with the Something kind.

Sometimes the remake is better than the original.

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Episode 72 – Cover Songs (w. Ice and the Face & CS Swampfox)

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Sometimes the remake is better than the original.

Hell, we’re better than all of the podcasts we regularly steal from. (This is not true (probably)).

But when it comes to music, there are great musicians and there are great songs. Sometimes great musicians are known for songs that they didn’t write, but for music that they fundamentally made their own. Whether that is through style, vocal quality, tone, or a thousand other factors – but seriously, who doesn’t love a well put together cover song.

So we got a couple of folks who know a little SomethingSomething about music and asked them to join us this week.

First is a guy that you have heard a thousand times, yet never got a chance to listen to – the man who wrote the Something Theme – CS Swampfox!

Second is two of our friends from NJ and #PodernFamily – it’s Rick & Sara from AwesomeTalk.TV – aka Ice & The Face (and Life With Lyme)!

**And if you dig this week’s end song – be sure to click on The World Is Not Enough**

So whether it’s a new wave hit, a heavy metal remake, or a dirge made dirgier… ok, here we go!

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Episode 71 – Three-Year Anniversary @ Wildpig!

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Three Years Ago….

A former podcaster, writer, and internet weirdo Rev. James was lingering in a local watering hole when he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in years. The bombastic laughter of one Mr. Podcast Rob.

Considering the idea of getting back into the podcast game, over the course of the next few times hanging out, the idea became clear.

After a meeting of the minds (or whatever it is they have in their skulls) – The SomethingCast was born.

Well join us once again as we celebrate our leather anniversary. (Yeah, it’s leather.. look it up.. don’t make anything of it) We’re back at the Something’s home away from home, Wildpig Comics in Kenilworth, NJ with store owner Chris and manager Bill talking the last year of comickiness in front of a live audience.

Also a quick shoutout to friend and regular Tim ‘Ungaije’ Stevens who wasn’t able to make it – but we’ll make sure to get him back on the line soon to be smarter than us.

And to all of you who have supported us over the years – be you friend, family, fan, podcast – thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Well – ok – here we go!

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Episode 70 – You Again Interview

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Hey apparently people think we’re neat.

We were recently contacted by a couple cool cats from the upcoming webseries You Again – and we got not just a sneak peek of their show, but a chance to talk with them about the process.

Meet Audra – lil bit crazy, and Zander – lil bit nerdy.  They’re about to move in together because .. well.. because Audra.

Be sure to check out Their Website right here, and their Youtube Page to learn all about the behind the scenes and see the first episode coming July 6th.

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Episode 69 – The Civil War Swapcast

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One side is for the establishment and assigning names to the faces of vigilantes.
One side is for the freedom to do as you wish and the want to never compromise your values.

Today on the SomethingBlackerThanPreRecordedBlackSomethingLiveCastTimesInfinity…

Ok, let me clear that up a little…..

The forces of the podcasting elite have gathered together to form a union that no villain shall be able to tear asunder. One snivvling dude from Latvia or whatever.. maybe.. but VILLAINS, I SAY NAY! This week we are sharing the spotlight with:

Join us as we go through Capt. America’s movie before the world hated him for no apparent reason. Prepare to have your brain hijacked and smash the Like button, fuck pumpkin.

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Episode 68 – Post-Apocalyptic TV

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The time is a day after tomorrow… the place… Somethingville.

Was it the bombs that dropped?  Or the plague that killed all the men?  Perhaps it was the Zeds?

We don’t know – all we know is it makes for some interesting television. The Somethings and special guest Alexis Torres from AfterBuzzTV and Black Hollywood Live delve into a small niche realm of shows that all seem to start right after the big whatever hits.

Also, be sure to check out our blogpost review of Anime FanFest

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Episode 67 – The 80’s Defined

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It is time for you to be properly gagged with a spoon.

This week the Somethings have picked up a hitchhiker on our way through time – Cyannide from Little Geek Lost. She has joined us for a new episode style for the Somethings.. ok, only slightly new – but a new genre of topic any way. We’re going to take down the 80’s.

From scrunchies to monchichis – we are going to talk about the Differn’t Strokes we all had when it came to the 80’s.

Those are 80’s jokes. From music to fashion to Aqua Net and back around…

Prepare to be like.. hijacked.

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Episode 66 – Daredevil Season 2

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The Somethings have found their way back in the alleys of Hells Kitchen, and who did we find there?

Of course, we found our favorite comic genius, none other than the arid-witted Tim Stevens!

So now that the dust has settled, the guns have been stashed, and the sais are buried – we are taking on Daredevil Season 2 and a whole shitton of ninjas. So walk with us Hand in Hand in this Foggy weather to our Castle, and be prepared to be Elektrafied by this Frank discussion! (…ok, i’ll stop… …karen page…)

Ok, here we go!

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